How To Create A Membership Site for Free

Want to know how to create your own membership website for free???

I like free stuff. And one of the best ways to get free stuff is to be a beta tester for products. I just got word from a fellow blogger that Member Snap is giving away free membership websites for free. They want your feedback.

With membership sites, you can have your own website where you can have your own private members. If you offer products or services such as ebooks or instructional videos, you can even make money from membership sites.

Member Snap also works with WordPress, ClickBank and Paypay so you can easily incorporate a payment system into your membership website.

The free beta testing is not going to last long so you may want to get on THIS NOW.

I’m actually in the process of beta testing all the functionality of Member Snap.

Check it out.

Another freebie from The Daily Bragger

Create A Free Membership Website

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