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How Much Does Unemployment Pay? – Costly – I Lost My Job

How Much Does Unemployment Pay? – Costly – I Lost My Job

I lost my job. Don’t feel sorry for me. I was in the technology sector and was underpaid for the amount of skills that I have. I worked hard. I was never late to work and I was employee of the month in less than a year at the company. When State laws were effecting my industry, I helped the owner of the company get signatures on petitions to get an issue on the ballot. I knocked on doors, went to other businesses and busted my but to help out the company. I thought I would grow with this company. We had a great relationship. I loved them and they loved me. I had outstanding productivity. 


I developed ideas and strategies for the business. As time went on, the business stopped listening to its employees (their most valuable resource.) They hired consultants. After they hired consultants, I was hanging on for a year.

I knew I was going to get laid off. It was a matter of time. Especially when the HR guy calls you into his office and tells you straight to your face that “You’re not going anywhere in this company.”

(Yes, I was told that 8 months prior to getting laid off.) See, I’m not an ignorant person. I knew all about the business I was in and I surrounded myself with any and all information about the sector.

Well last Tuesday the HR guy walks in the room and calls me and two other fellow co-workers into a conference room. I knew why were called in the conference room. I was mad and happy at the same time when we were told we were losing our jobs. Mad because I was saying to myself “How could they do this to me? I’m an outstanding worker.” Iwas happy because when they said that they were giving up on thier VOD project, I was saying, “I told you so, I know you should have listened to me.”

Getting laid off was kind of a relief. I knew it was coming. It was just a matter of when. I really did not want to be at that place anymore after the HR guy told me to my face that I’ll never advance in the company. When I was insulted in HR’s office, I prepared myself and built a bunch of websites…from blogs to social networks. (I belong to over 40 social networks and I actually created one of these networks.)

How Much Does Unemployment Pay? 

I’m getting 210 dollars a week from unemployment. That’s 840 a month. My cobra insurance is 704 a month. Wouldn’t you think that if you are not working, that insurance would be cheaper. Not! Let’s say that I do get COBRA..how do I pay my bills, rent, feed my kid, put gas in my car…ect?

We’ll I grew  up in an enviroment where when one door closes another door opens. So far the “other” door is ajar.


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September 2021