Getting Free Stuff on The Internet Using Twitter

Getting Free Stuff on The Internet Using Twitter

The economy is sluggish and the marketers know it.  Most companies and marketers know that if they give something away that they will get something in return.

I know this too.

I have used Twitter to get everything from 200 dollar tickets to marketing seminars, beer festival tickets and even software.

Right now there are promotions going on where you can get free stuff by using Twitter. Here are a couple of them right now.

Free SpoofCard for using Twitter. (Details are at the bottom of this page.)

The best way to find free stuff on the internet using Twitter is to use the Twitter Search for free stuff.  Here you can find a plethora of give-a-ways just for being a Twitter user.

Free Stuff using Twitter

So if you are not using Twitter, this is just one of the many reasons to jump on board the Twitter wagon.

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