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Tactic: How To Get Your Ex Back Using Text Messages

Not another psychology post? Right? Well hear me out.

I got to brag on this one for sure.  Let me school you on SMS messaging.

A text message is opened 99.9% of the time. Your ex carries their phone on them.Heart with knife

If your ex won’t answer your calls, emails, Facebook requests, tweets and so on. How about sending them a simple text. You know they are going to read it. Especially if your ex keeps their phone on them at all times. It’s pretty hard not to look at a text message before you delete it. Right? You can block their calls, report an email as spam and put them on iggy everywhere else except for sending a txt message.

Interested? Read…. on or get this guide!

So you want your girl or guy back?? The best way to get into their head is to get them to respond or think about what you are writing when you send an ex a  message. That is the secret.

You want your ex boyfriend or girlfriend back and it hurts like hell while you are waiting for them to respond.
You may or may not of heard of this guy… Michael Fiore. This dude has actually appeared on the Rachael Ray show and other shows on TV.  He’s credible. Micheal has come up with a very easy way for using TEXT MESSAGES to get your ex crawling back to you.  Check out his secret on how to use texts to get them back.

If you want to know some things to text to ex…then check it out.



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