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Search Engine Optimization Trick

Do you want more traffic or a keyword to be related to your site? Do you want it to rank in the top 10 of Google and yahoo? Well I’ll make this short and sweet. I used this trick and I had a site that was number one on Google for about a week. I’m not going to tell you what the keyword was because I don’t need any more competition.

This is what I did.

I looked for unanswered questions on Yahoo answers that were related to my website. When I found a question that was related to my topic I answered the question and used my site as the source. Sounds easy, it is!

But there is one more catch. For the sake of example let’s say that my site is about cars. After I answered the question on yahoo answers about “Cars”, I put my site as the source. But in text part of the answer not only did I give a reply to the question I also did one really cool thing. I used html and linked some text to my webpage.

So if my keyword was cars. I used some html that would look like this.
<a href=”WWW.EXAMPLE.COM”>CARS</a>

Now the work CARS is linked to my web site in html language.

So you might say well how is that going to make your keyword and site rank in Google. Ah, now for the good part. There are thousands of sites out there that use Yahoo Answers on their pages. They use rss feeds from yahoo and make pages with a bunch with ads on them.

Those pages can’t distinguish between the text and the html code so your link, page and keyword are being placed all over the internet on thousands of pages. If you don’t believe me try it out for yourself. Or better yet if you Google “dailybragger” you’ll see how I have done this on yahoo answers. Then notice that the same questions are on other pages as feeds from yahoo. I know this works because I got 1000’s of hits the day my answer was syndicated. Then when I searched the keyword I used, I was #1!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I actually didn’t use a keyword, I used a phrase.

Well, I hope you get some good placement using my trick. I invented this and haven’t seen anyone else do this. I have kept it a secret until now.

PS. Just don’t make your questions or answers look like spam because yahoo will eliminate your question and answers. Be polite. “Honey will get you further than vinegar.”

Good luck and see you at the top!

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