FSC On A Pack of Cigarettes – Time To Quit

A month ago, I was smoking my usual brand of cigarettes and I noticed a funny taste. I also noticed that the cigarrette kept going out by itself.  A week later, I got an email from a friend on Facebook. She said that FSC above the barcode on a pack of cigarettes meant that they were Fire Safe Cigarettes. FSC Above Barcode

I know these cigarettes will kill me, but so will alcohol and jay walking.

It made me think, what kind of other shit are they putting in these cigarettes? If they want to keep messing with chemicals in a cigarettes, just outlaw them.

So after hearing this news. I went to stores in urban areas to get my brand without the FSC marking on the barcode. My brand is not popular in urban areas, so I know that retailers will still have the old “cause a fire and fuck it” type cigarettes. I was right. By 2010 all cigarettes have to be FSC.

But as soon as I get a pack of smokes with FSC above the barcode, I tell the retailer, I don’t want them.

It’s pretty piss-poor that they could pass legislation to make fire safe cigarettes without asking the consumer.

Wouldn’t you be pissed off if you were buying certain diapers for your child and found out that they put a chemical into the diaper to make it a fire safe diaper?

Pretty shitty. It’s time for me to quit smoking.

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