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Forcible Entry Devices

Police and Firefighters know that every second counts when it comes to saving lives. When fire, police or other emergency personnel get to a door during an emergency they will try to open the door using the handle. If the door is locked, they will use tools that will ensure them a speedy entry.

These are the most common door breaching devices for emergency personnel.

Here are some of the tools that are used by police and fire rescue.

Old School Entry Tools for Police and Fire.

The Halligan Bar.

The Halligan bar which is also refereed to as a Halligan tool or Hallagan, is a special forcible entry tool commonly used fire departments. The Halligan pry bar usually takes two people to open a door. One will place it in the door crease or at the hinges and the other will strike the bar with the hammer.

According to Wikipedia:

It was designed by and named after Hugh Halligan, a First Deputy Fire Chief in the New York City Fire Department, in 1948. While the tool was developed by a Deputy Chief of the New York City Fire Department, the department did not initially purchase it because of a perceived conflict of interest in buying from a member of the department.

The halligan bar is an old standard but it’s archaic and takes two people to get a door to open.

The Hydra-Ram

The Hydra-Ram was a one of a kind tool. It only took one person to operate. One would only have to stick it in the door and pump then the door would be open. Fire departments from all over hailed the hydra ram. The hydra ram is also known as the “Bunny Tool” or “Rabbit Tool.”

The Hydra-Ram worked by pumping a small amount of soluble oil mixed with antifreeze to give it good pumping power. However we all know that hydraulic tools are subject to a lot of wear. Even the seals blow on the Hydra Ram. Check this article out by Fire Fighters IAFF Local 36.

The DoorStorm

The DoorStorm door breaching device is like the Hydra Ram (aka bunny and rabbit tool) except that there is no hydraulics involved. That means no priming the pump, replacing seals, blown valves ect.

The DoorStorm uses a ratcheting device and even has a power unit. No worries about blowing out a hydraulic seal. It boasts more torque and spreading power than then the hydra ram. (Source – http://doorstorm.com/testimonial.html

So there you have it. 3 generations of foreceable entry tools for police and fire. These common door breaching devices represent generations of fire and police tool technology. As better technology becomes available, the power and weight of these tools will certainly improve.


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