First Step Building A Website

Before I begin building a website I start with trying to find the right domain name  (also called URL, Web address.)  For my domains I use GoDaddy because I like how easy it is to purchase domains. I even purchase domains with my GoDaddy app on my phone.

So if I’m sitting at a restaurant and I overhear people talking about a product, I go out and buy a domain name around the product or service that I may offer on my website.

I also like GoDaddy’s customer service as well. They are very helpful if you have an issue with your web hosting or domain.

So my first step in building a great website is to pick a domain name.  Here are some tips I use when picking domain names.

Because of Google updates like Penguin, Panda and Exact Match Domain update. I try to brand my domain names.  2 years ago you could purchase a domain name like and rank highly for it.  Those days are gone..except you will rank high in Bing for a domain like that.

Keep the name simple

Get Creative.

Use .com or .net  Don’t use .info, .co.

If you want to find out if a domain is taken or available, use the search function HERE.


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