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Sure I Post on Facebook But….

“You know my name, not my story. You’ve heard what I’ve done, not what I’ve been through.”

Sure, I do post a lot on Facebook. I carry it around in my pocket on my SmartPhone.

When I post things on Facebook, I usually post thoughts, answer questions people have by commenting on a post, or even post some encouraging words. If I get a song stuck in my head I’ll post the video from YouTube.

I don’t post everything on Facebook. (Starbucks – Starbucks – Starbucks)

Facebook Dislike??
Facebook Dislike??

Believe it or not, I’m a very private person. Sure I may post when I’m happy, or angry, or frustrated. But  you won’t get a definitive answer as to why I’m in a negative mood.  (At least on on Facebook.)

There are some things that I try to refrain from posting on Facebook.

  • Client Information
  • Politics
  • Religion

You know the drill. I may be out to rattle a cage or two every now and them with a political joke, but you won’t see Facebook posts about how I’m going to shove my political beliefs or religious beliefs down your throat.  If I’m going to get political I’ll put it on here.


I do post a lot of pictures. Facebook is a great way for my family and friend in Cleveland to see my kids.

I do use Facebook for advertising, but haven’t advertised anything in a while.

What about the Timeline thingy?  –  I like it.

I hope Facebook stays around for a long time. I basically use Facebook as an online archive. Where else can you get massive amounts of free storage for photographs. Flickr and Picasa would charge you a fee for uploading so many picture. About 25% of the photos I post on Facebook aren’t displayed publicly. I use Facebook for photo storage.

So there you have it. I do post a lot on Facebook but I also use it as a tool for online photo storage and as an archive for when my kids get older and want to see dad with a beer in his hand at some bar in West Palm Beach. LOL

What annoys you on Facebook?   How do you use Facebook?

Let me know by dropping me a comment below….



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