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Do I Miss Cleveland?

In early 2010 I moved to South Florida. I basically packed up everything that could fit in a van and headed south.  Usually every time I would make a move I would go backwards. (When I moved to NYC, I went backwards…when I moved back to Cleveland, I went backwards.)

But I was determined when I moved to Florida NOT TO GO BACKWARDS!

I was sick of  having nothing.  I would not accept it anymore. I would not be dragged down anymore. I would surround myself with positive people who empower me to be my best.

We’ll here in Florida I did just that. I got rid of the thorns that were dragging my ass down. I had to do a lot of ignoring, take a lot of abuse and put up with loud mouths spewing negativity.

The first 6 months of living down here were hard but I worked my ass off…in a mobile home with my ex-mother-in-law. There was no space for me to set up my computer and work unless it was on a hot porch. (Believe me the porch was hot…so hot my computer would overheat. )

When I moved here I got a job within a week. I was promised all kinds of benefits and riches by the owner of the company when I started. He even offered to “buy” my old business. (That was a joke. Another Story for another day. Yes, there is animosity, I wasted a year and half with this company. However I met some of the most amazing people in the world whom I am still very close friends with.)

Anyway, while working a job that couldn’t even pay rent at my apartment, I built website after website trying to earn more income.

After not being appreciated by my boss and not being compensated for my skill, I left. I will never work for that dude again. I’m going forward. I won’t even mention or link to their website.

Now I’m here in South Florida, West Palm Beach, building my empire. I work harder than I ever did, but I’m determined to never go backwards in life.

Oh…so where was I?

Yes, do I miss Cleveland?

First of all I do miss my Family. My mom, dad and brother are in Cleveland. I miss them a lot. I miss my other family up there. (Even the ones that get on my damn nerves about stuff and tell me that I’m chasing rainbows. )

The standard of living in Cleveland was amazingly cheap.

To the ones that said I’m chasing rainbows???

Taste this rainbow…




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