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Cub Scouting
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Cub Scouts are an asset to the community. Not only does Cub Scouts teach kids responsibility but it also gives them confidence and amazing social skills.

My son had the honor of joining Cub Scout Pack 296 in Boynton Beach, Florida. The Cub Scout leaders are a great group of guys.  The Cub Scouts are now having their popcorn sale to support the scouts as well as local packs.

It’s that time of year. If you would like to support the Cub Scouts you can do so buy purchasing goods from their Cub Scout popcorn drive. If you see these Cub Scouts, you can either purchase popcorn or give a donation.

If you would like the convenience of purchasing a Cub Scouts popcorn online and have it delivered to your door, please click the link below.


Click Here Now!!


Thank you for supporting local Cub Scouts.

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