Congratulations West Park Vets – W130th Tri-League T-Ball Champs

Cleveland T-Ball League W130th Tri-League Champions

I love an underdog story. This one is amazing.

It’s about a bunch of kids between 5 and 7 that were last picked to form a t-ball team. Their team had no nepotism, no favoritism and no politics. The team was not hand-picked. There were no kids of board members on the team. There were no former “all-stars” on the team.

West Park Vets
West Park Vets

Every game these kids played…the rules were bent in favor of other politicized teams. Double plays and caught infield fly balls for outs were made against them. (According to Cleveland T-Ball League W130th Tri-League there is no infield fly rule or double plays in t-ball.)

They were stepped on, hit with balls and called names. That was until the playoffs.

The West Park Vets weren’t going to take it any more.

They had to win 3 playoff games in a row in order to win the championship. Every other team had at least a day off between games. Thank goodness for rain because the West Park Vets got some well deserved rest.

They played 6 innings their first game and won.

The second game was a joke. Coaches from other teams were bending the rules in the other team’s favor. One player on the opposite team was allowed to swing at the ball on the tee 10 times. Then on the 11th swing the player brought in two runs to tie the game.

The coach of the West Park Vets protested this immediately to board members who were present. Of course they let it go because they didn’t want the West Park Vets to win.

The West Park Vets played over 55 minutes and were ahead when a coach from the opposite team said that they have to play another inning. After multiple ties, the kids played until sunset then they finished the game another day for a victory. Parents were outraged that the league would let these little kids play until dark for over 2 hours. The parents had a right to be upset.

The third game was cake. The West Park Vets had great defense and offense to pull out a win for the Cleveland T-Ball League W130th Tri-League Championship.

Every odd was against them, including the league, board members, commissioners and coaches from teams that were eliminated from the playoffs. They didn’t want them to win. Councilman Sweeney’s team (Sweeney Sluggers) had won 4 years in a row. The championship trophys were probably already printed for the Sweeney Sluggers.

But the “runtz” that nobody wanted turned out to have the BIGGEST hearts.

Congratulations West Park Vets for winning the 2009 Cleveland T-Ball W.130th Tri-League Championship.

These kids couldn’t have done it without the skills taught by a great coach. Congrats to coach Scott and his team of coaches.

And congratulations to all the kids that played in the W.130th Tri-League. All of these kids played their hearts out. It was amazing to see how competitive all the kids were.

I love a great underdog story and this one would probably make a great Disney movie.

These games were more exciting than watching the Cleveland Indians.

Go see a little league or t ball game if you want some excitement. Heck, you might even get to see a commissioner push a coach.

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