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Columbus Dispatch Orders YouTube To Take Down Golden Voice Video

The Columbus Dispatch could learn a thing or two about social media.

The Columbus Dispatch filed a Copyright claim with YouTube and had the videos taken down that were posted about Ted Williams, the man with the Golden Voice.  The video of  Ted was actually shot about 6 weeks ago according the the reporter who shot the interview.

11 million views and the Columbus Dispatch just shut down their publicity. Survey says…..

However, it took a guy who like the story to extract the video and post it on YouTube.

Columbus Dispatch orders YouTube To take down golden voice videos

Here are a few things that Columbus Dispatch should learn about social media.

  • Nobody would have heard about this story unless it was posted on YouTube.
  • Poor Ted Williams would still be on the side of the road begging for money if it weren’t for the guy who uploaded your video.
  • The Columbus Dispatch should pay the guy who uploaded the video a buck a view. (Not really.)
  • The Dispatch should have their own YouTube Channel.

They could have put a call-to-action overlay on the video and got advertising revenue from the video.
They could have put the hyperlink back to the original story in the description.

Now the Columbus Dispatch looks like the bad guys when they could have used social media properly.

No wonder Newspapers are going under…..they still don’t get it.

Kudos to the guy who posted the video on YouTube. If it weren’t for him….Ted Williams wouldn’t be where he is today.

Good luck to Ted.   As for the Dispatch….I don’t think the paper will be around too much longer if they can’t bring traffic to their website via YouTube.

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