Cleveland Florists – Mother’s Day Flowers

When is mother’s day 2012? Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 13, 2012!!! So if you are in the Cleveland area and need flowers delivered to mom for her special day, you may want to check out this florist in Cleveland.

I’m talking (bragging) about Mayfield Floral. I remember years ago when I was dating a girl I was in a rush to get her mother flowers. I didn’t have a smartphone back then to tell me where the nearest flower shop was on Cleveland’s Eastside. So I drove up and down Mayfield road looking for a florist to get some great mother’s day flowers.

Cleveland Florists
Mayfield Floral

I finally found a flower shop, went in, got a great mother’s day bouquet and took it to my girlfriend’s house and gave it to her mother. Now I’m not good at picking out flowers, but the people at this flower shop in Cleveland help me pick out a nice mother’s day arrangement.

So even though that was years ago, I still remember going to Mayfield Floral in Cleveland. (and of course I’m bragging about them.)


Check them out and order some flowers for mom. Remember, mother’s day is on Sunday, May 13, 2012!!!

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