Cleveland Casino – Has A Nice Ring To It

Ohio hit a royal flush at the polls. They approved casino gambling in 4 locations across Ohio. The gambling issue has been on the ballot a few times before and failed. Now that Ohio has hit rock bottom with high unemployment and the state and local municipalities trying to balance budgets, Ohio will get some much needed tax revenue.

Of course Casinos will create jobs for Ohioans. Not just Casino jobs but jobs around the casinos. Vendors from the food service industry to electricians will be needed to keep the casinos running.

Slot machines are commonplace in casinos
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As for the naysayers that say a casino will bring crime, drugs and prostitution to the area…Well, Cleveland has never had a casino and there is plenty of of crime, drugs and prostitution in the area.  Revenue from casinos in Ohio will put more police on the streets.

There is no time to waste. Stick the shovel in the ground and start building this Cleveland Casino today.

See you at the penny slots.

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