Cheap and Easy Website – So you want a webpage.

“How do I make my own website?” I hear this question all the time from my friends who are not too tech savvy. I tell them that they need a domain name and a good hosting plan. A domain name is the address of your site. For example, the domain name of this site is A hosting plan is a service that stores your page on a big computer so that when someone types the domain name, they get to see the web page.

So where do you begin?

The best place to get a domain name is at
At GoDaddy you can choose a domain name, register it and begin building a page. Even if you are not a web guru, you can design your own web page for free at
. They’ll throw in a free tool just for registering a domain name.

Registering at Godaddy is easy, just follow these simple steps.

  • Go to the home page for
    , begin a search for a domain name you want to register by typing it in one of the “Domain Search” boxes on the home page. Click “Go.”
  • Select an additional domain name or multiple domain names from the options provided by GoDaddy.
  • Add to the domain name by clicking the “Yes!” button, or decline them by clicking the “Continue to Checkout” link. Create a new
    account by entering the requested personal information or log in to an existing account.
  • Hit the orange “Continue” button and double check your registration information.
  • Choose the orange “Continue” button once more and head to the checkout. Decide whether or not to add any additions to your purchase, such as account protection.
  • Pay for your domain.
    will accept payment in the form of credit, checks, PayPal and gift certificates.
  • Plan for a time delay once your domain is registered as it takes several hours for a
    domain to become active

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