How do you change your caller ID to another number?

How do you change your caller ID to another number? Or How do you change the number that shows up on the caller ID of the person you just called? disguise your caller id, hide your caller id, remain anonymous

Two Year Old Terror: Talking To Them

So Justin, my youngest,  has hit two years old. He’s already throwing tantrums. His favorite word is “mine!”  If heRead More…

Playskool Busy Ball Popper Review

My son had his first birthday about a week ago and one of the toys that he plays with constantlyRead More…

How To Create A Membership Site for Free

Want to know how to create your own membership website for free??? I like free stuff. And one of the best ways to get free stuff is to be a beta tester for products. I just got word from a fellow blogger that a free membership website platform is opening up for free.

Flight Simulator Games

Flight Simulator Games. I like playing fight simulator games on my PC. Especially if they are realistic and show some cool landscape below they are well worth playing. In fact playing these games is somewhat relaxing. One such game is ProFlight Simulator.

The Secrets of Twelve Internet Millionaires Revealed

You now have an opportunity to receive the Internet marketing education that can last a lifetime. The Secret Classroom It’sRead More…

Buying a Domain Name

Buying a Domain Name – Where to buy a cheap domain name. Cheapest domain prices available. I have never had a problem with the service. Registering a domain was easy. Buying a domain

2009 List of Celebrity Deaths

2009 has been an odd year. It seemed every 3 weeks a celebrity died. I also lost two family members this year. Sorry for such a morbid post but 2009 was an odd year. Gas prices started out low now they are high again, the economy is still in bad shape and all I hear on the radio and TV is doom and gloom

Can you track your child with GPS

Tracking your child with a GPS. You turn your back for one second at the mall, and poof… you child isn’t there. You call out there name only to find that they are in the next aisle looking at toys or hiding from you. This is the case most of time and as a father of a 7 year old, it scares me sometimes when he plays outside.

10 Great Ways to Use Facebook

Some people don’t like Facebook because they just don’t know what to do when they get an account. I have friends that join over a year ago but they don’t contribute to the conversation or they just don’t get it. Here are 10 ways to use Facebook and have fun.

Cleveland Nails the Social Media Scene.

Members of the Cleveland Social Media Club put their minds together and created Welcome To Social Media an amazing guide to help people and businesses comprehend social media.

Collinwood Arts Festival

Collinwood Arts Festival I told my wife that I wanted to go a Cleveland art festival and she said, “Why do you want to go to an art festival, you know nothing about art.” I told my wife that I wanted to see what this Collinwood Arts Festival was all about.

Danny Greene Collinwood Movie

Danny Greene Collinwood Movie – There’s going to be a movie mad about Cleveland Irish Mobster Danny Greene. The title of the movie is called “The Irishman.” It’s going to include an A-List Cast. Too bad they are filming this movie in Detroit.

Beer Soap – I Tried It and Loved It

Beer Soap When I was in college a few years back. Parties were a norm for me. Too often I would get showered in beer, not on purpose but it would seem to happen accidentally at every party. Ten years later, I was doused in Suds again. This time it was actually a soap made of beer and other natural ingredients.

Beyonce Today Show Audio Beyonce Singing Listen to Beyonce on Today Show

Beyonce Today Show Audio. Listen to Beyonce on the Today Show. Is it really Beyonce Singing.This audio was released on the Howard Stern Show. It’s supposedly some audio from Beyonce’s appearance on the Today show. Beyonce lip-syncing? Listen to the Beyonce Today Show Tape and judge for yourself.

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