Cheap and Easy Website – So you want a webpage.

“How do I make my own website?” I hear this question all the time from my friends who are notRead More…

WTAM Gary The Numbers Guy

Gary the numbers guy is considered one of America’s premiere numerologists.
There are few people who know how to read numbers. Gary the numbers guy is one of these few people. He knows how to use numbers to examine the future. He has documented predictions on a radio show in Cleveland. (Click tittle to read more.)

Who Heckled Obama in Berea Ohio?

Exclusive video of the photographer who asked Obama to say the “Pledge of Allegiance.”

Interview with a Puertorican in Cleveland – Podcast

Today I had the pleasure and opportunity to interview Lizette, she’s a married mother of a five-year-old boy and a preschool teacher. She’s a native New Yorker living in Cleveland. She’s also Puertorican. She gives some of her thoughts on being a Puertorican living in Cleveland, Ohio.

Directions to Wendy Park, Whiskey Island Cleveland- Videos

This is for the Clevelanders or for anyone wishing to visit one of Cleveland’s hidden gems. It’s a place whereRead More…

The Sopranos – Cleveland Style

Hey, it’s the daily bragger and I love the Sopranos. I hated to see the series end. I was aRead More…

msplinks – How do you get your link to work on myspace?

I found a way to get put your link on myspace without scaring your readers or potential customers. All Free Info!

On a lighter note

If you are looking for the car video it’s right below this post. I think that I’m really living myRead More…

Video – So I tried skateboarding

Okay, so I tried to skateboard. I’m 35 with a few extra lbs. My son is almost 6 and lovesRead More…

Get a top 10 google ranking? – How to

Search Engine Optimization Trick Do you want more traffic or a keyword to be related to your site? Do youRead More…

Michelob Ultra Tuscan Orange and Grapefruit – Beer Review

Michelob ULTRA Fruit Tuscan Orange Grapefruit with
lighter fare such as salads and grilled chicken. The tanginess of
grapefruit and clean citrus taste enhances the light foods’ overall

Beer Review – Michelob Ultra

I’m on lo carb diet trying to lose a few lbs. Finally, there is a beer that will help meRead More…

Yerba Mate Tea For Losing Weight

I used Yerba Mate tea to lose weight. Over the past year I have lost a few lbs. Well, actually I have lost over 100 lbs. I still have over 60 lbs to loose and I’m destined to hit my goal by August. Here are some of my tips for loosing weight.

October 2021