Who's phone number is this?

Reverse Search a Phone Number

“Who’s phone number is this?” You’ve probably seen those shady looking sites for reverse phone searches.  You know the ones.Read More…

Breaking: Baker Mayfield to be Traded to Steelers

CLEVELAND – After numerous weeks of talks with the Steelers front office Baker Mayfield has accepted a 5 year 35Read More…

10 Things Men Definitely Know About Women

Women are easy to figure out. Here are 10 things guys know about women.   This first one is absolutely astonishing.Read More…

man hitting customer with twisted tea can

Dude Slaps Punk with a Twisted Tea Can

Elyria, Ohio – Major meme going on with a drunk dude who started yelling obsenities to another customer at CircleRead More…

Bruce Lee Movie Poster

Bruce Lee’s Iconic Movie “Enter The Dragon” is 45 Years Old

Bruce Lee’s Iconic Movie “Enter The Dragon” is 45 Years Old

Retro Prank Products from The Comic Books

Do you remember those ads on the back page of comic books for pranks like fake vomit, dog poo andRead More…

painic attack app

Natural Ways to Help Panic Attacks

Panic attacks suck. Plain and simple. The drugs they give for panic attacks can turn you into a zombie.  WhatRead More…

bob barker not dead

Bob Barker is NOT DEAD! Fake News

Bob Barker is not dead as claimed by a Fake News site called actionnews3.com. The fake news made it’s wayRead More…

Green Lasers: What they Look Like When Pointed at Aircraft

What does a green laser look like to a pilot when some idiot points the beam at an aircraft? It’sRead More…

Get a Man to Marry You: 8 Tips

So you are a chick that wants to get married?  Well allow me to help you. Here are some waysRead More…

Tactic: How To Get Your Ex Back Using Text Messages

Not another psychology post? Right? Well hear me out. I got to brag on this one for sure.  Let meRead More…


CeeLo Knocked Out of His Chair When Phone Explodes

Singer CeeLo Green was in the studio. While using his smartphone, it explodes near his ear sending him falling outRead More…

Spying on a SmartPhone

In this day and age we don’t know who are what our children are sending text messages to. We buyRead More…

letter to lebron james

Heartfelt Letter to LeBron James from 13 Year Old Diehard Cleveland Fan in South Florida

13 Cleveland Fan to LeBron: This year is more important to me than 2007, 2009, or 2015. The same yearRead More…

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