Cash for Clunkers – Car Destruction

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Cash for Clunkers  РCar Destruction

Cash for Clunkers may stimulate the pockets of GM and other auto makers but what about the poor guy that doesn’t have a car to get to work?

The cars in the Cash for Clunkers program must be destroyed. Why?

There are some people who have bad credit and are unable to get a car loan to take advantage of cash for clunkers.

There are some people that don’t have a car.

Instead of destroying these Cash for Clunkers trade-ins, I think that they should provide some of these cars to people that need a car to get to work.  This would also help stimulate the economy.

Cash for Clunkers reminds me of a story my father told me. My dad was working on a farm when he was a kid growing up in Friendsville, Maryland. The government used to force farmers to pour thousands of gallons of milk down the drain just to keep the price of milk high.

More governtment waste.

I wish they would give a Cash for Clunker car to someone who needs it instead of destroying it.

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