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Can you track your child with GPS

Tracking your child with a GPS.

You turn your back for one second at the mall, and poof… your child isn’t there. You call out there name only to find that they are in the next aisle looking at toys or hiding from you. This is the case most of time and as a father of a 7 year old, it scares me sometimes when he plays outside.

Little Buddy Child Tracker
Little Buddy Child Tracker

I was doing some reading to find if you can actually track your child with a GPS device and found out there is something out there that can track your child. It will even send you an alert via text message if they get too far away from an area.

It’s called the Insignia Little Buddy Child Tracker.

The Insignia Little Buddy Child Tracker keeps tabs on your child at all times with this small but sophisticated device that combines GPS and cellular technology to provide you with real-time location updates. The small and lightweight Little Buddy transmitter fits easily into a backpack, lunchbox or other receptacle, making it easy for your child to carry so you can check his or her location at any time using a smartphone or computer.

It has customizable safety checks allow you to establish specific times and locations where your child is supposed to be for example, in school causing the device to alert you with a text message if your child leaves the designated area during that time. Additional real-time alerts let you know when the device’s battery is running low so you can take steps to ensure your monitoring isn’t interrupted.

So the next time you want to know if there is a device that can track your child, the answer is..yes there is.

Until they come up with an implantable device that you can put into your teenage daughter, this seem to be the next best thing.

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