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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Tips

One of the most anticipated games of 2011 is here. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is here and it it was released earlier in November.

The Call of Duty video game has come a long way since it began back in 2003. Call of Duty has gone from World War II to modern times, back to WWII, and even into Vietnam and the Cold War. The only constant is the insane amount of copies each installment sells. With Modern Warfare 3, we’re back into Infinity Ward’s vision of the series, and it picks up the story right where Modern Warfare 2 left off.


Modern Warfare 3’s campaign does little to reinvent the wheel which propels the series’ single-player fiction. Regulars Soap and Price return to play their usual gruff parts, and the storyline directly follows and connects the events of the last two Modern Warfare games. Unfortunately, Modern Warfare 3‘s story still doesn’t hold much water — even from a Tom Clancy perspective, these characters are hardly well-drawn, and the intricacies of global politics just boil down to whether the US is at war with Russia or not.

Where the campaign does succeed is in its setpieces. Modern Warfare 2 placed its firefights in the midst of familiar but faceless spaces like suburbs and airports, but Modern Warfare 3 brings the gunplay to six or seven world-famous locales. There is no level quite as shocking as “No Russian” (though, is that really a bad thing?), but there are some excellent sequences that stand out, including a showdown in Paris that ends with one of the biggest bangs of the series. For all of its bluster, however, the campaign never reaches the heights it’s clambering for. It’s exciting, but not any more so than the rest of the series.

The ending is surprisingly moving — it closes the curtains on (what turned out to be) a trilogy with a quiet moment of confident peace. When you look back at the highlights of Modern Warfare, maybe the series could have used a little more of that, if only to break up all of the combustion. The fighting is fun, but moments like these serve as perfect reminders for what said fighting is for.

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