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Best Educational Tech Toys For Kids

I’ve got two kids. One is 10 and one is almost 2. They live in an age where technology can educate them just as well as any teacher. (Well almost.)

I taught my oldest to read at the age of 2.  They didn’t have the iPad or Kindle back then, so I actually used the old-school McGuffy reader after he learned his alphabet and sounds from a Leap Frog Leapster.

Now my 2 year-old can run a Kindle better than I can. Pretty amazing. He’s already  learning to say some of his letters. But the most important is the letter recognition. He plays with the Kindle Fire for about a solid hour a day.

So if you need some ideas for some techy toys this holiday season, here is my list of ones I feel are most educational for kids.


Kindle Fire -My 2 year old loves it. I love it. Make sure you put the parental lock on it so you don’t have a youngster rack up purchases for apps.  I think the Kindle is pretty tough. It’s been dropped, drooled and slammed. It’s taken a beating.  I have an iPad as well. It’s been dropped once and I had to replace the screen. Kudos to Amazon for making the Kindle pretty sturdy.



LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer – I have one of these as well. If you get any app for this device, I suggest the Alphabet Factory. My oldest learned his alphabet from the DVD. Now my youngest is using it to learn his alphabet. The device is also sturdy like most LeapFrog educational toys.

In my opinion, I think these are the two best educational toys for kids. Why? because I have seen them in use and I know that they work.  These are some very techy toys, but they are very sturdy as well.



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October 2021