Berea Titans?

Berea and Midpark High School are merging and have picked a mascot for their sports teams.

The Berea – Midpark Titans?

How does it sound to you?

Forgive me if I am old-fashioned but I do believe in tradition.  I played football for Berea. A city that has tradition. They have been the home of the Browns for many years.

berea midpark titans
Berea – Midpark Titans???

When the Browns were long gone after Art Modell took them to Baltimore, the city still kept the training facility in tact waiting for the Browns to come back. Guess what…they came back and held the same tradition. (Maybe it was losing….but its still the Browns.)

So about this Berea-Midpark merger….

I know that school districts across the nation are suffering from lack of funding.  I know this first hand because a few years after I moved from the Collinwood area of Cleveland, two area catholic schools merged. Villa Angela and St. Josephs merged to form VaSJ. If my parents didn’t take me out of Collinwood, I would have went to Joe’s.

But what about Berea and Midpark?  Sure I made a lot of friends from Midpark.

However, being a Berea Brave has had a long standing tradition.  When I was at Berea High School, there was a lot of school pride.

It’s hard for me to accept that Berea will not be the Braves anymore. But I guess, that I must accept change.

How to you feel about Berea – Midpark becoming the Titans?

Did you go to Berea or Midpark High School. Let me know how you feel.


There is a lot of passion out there….let your voice be heard



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