Beer Soap – I Tried It and Loved It

When I was in college  a few years back, parties were a norm for me. Too often I would get showered in beer, not on purpose but it would seem to happen accidentally at every party. Ten years later, I was doused in Suds again. This time it was actually a soap made of beer and other natural ingredients.

Through the use of Twitter, I was chatting with a local Cleveland Soapmaker from Sarvasoap. She offered me a bar of soap made of beer. I’m a beer drinking Clevelander so I could not refuse the offer. The beer used to make the beer soap is from Cleveland made by The Great Lakes Brewing Company. I was joking with the local soapmaker about her soap. Via Twitter, I asked her what would happen if I were to get pulled over by a cop after I washed with her beer soap. The cop would probably smell beer all over me.

Beer SoapTwo days later, I received the beer soap. I opened the package and I was overly surprised by the amazing and remarkable scent of the beer soap. To me, it had a masculine sent that was fresh with essence of citrus with a light scent of beer. The beer was not overpowering at all. It almost smelled like a high priced designer cologne that you’d have to go to a department store to buy.

I couldn’t wait to take a shower with this new beer soap because I wanted to try it out. Now I’m not a soap guy. Don’t get me wrong, I use soap, but I’m not one of these guys that go shopping for fancy soaps. But after I washed with this beer soap called Suds, I was truly amazed at the remarkable scent. Not only does this beer soap smell refreshing and masculine, this beer soap actually gets really sudsy while you are washing with it. But what really amazed me was how well the soap washed off with no residue and left me smelling nice without drying my skin.

Now came the test. After the shower with the bar of beer soap, I went to my girl and asked her to smell me because I Beer Soapused a new soap made of beer and other natural ingredients. She told me that I smelled nice, fresh and clean. She said that I smelled crisp.  But not only did I smell really good, my skin was soft. There was no residue or dryness later on in the night.

The verdict.

Would I actually buy this soap??? The answer is YES. Why? I have a problem with most soaps. They dry the hell out of my skin or leave a film after washing. But I was truly impressed by this soap called “Suds.”  My skin was smooth, clean and without a residual film. The scent was outstanding too. I was “intoxicated” by the aroma of the soap.

So if you want to try a soap that is made of beer, I would highly recommend this product. You won’t smell like the beer baths that I used to take in college, but you will smell crisp and clean. I love this beer soap and I’m overly impressed in the craftsmanship and idea of this product.

You can find Beer Soap and other great Artisan soaps at  (link busted and no longer works)

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