Bailout Bailout Bailout Government Bailout

Bailout Bailout Bailout Government Bailout

I’m really sick of hearing and reading the word “bailout.” It’s all over the TV, internet and on the back of buses in Cleveland. (Oh wait, the buses are advertising a different bailout.)

The Big Three
The Big 3 CEOs

Companies fail. There is no doubt about that. It’s a part of capitalism. Mismanage a company and your competitor takes over.

It’s time for businesses, like the auto industry, to reinvent the wheel.

People got sick of reading in the dark, so the light bulb was invented. People go sick of riding horses so the train and the automobile were invented.

Wise up America. We cannot let our money go to support the auto industry. What are they going to do with all of that money?  They are going to buy foreign steel, or invest it overseas. You can give billions to the auto industry, but it’s not going to make people like you and me buy their cars.

Give billions to the people. Contact your Representative.

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