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ATM Dispute Solved in 15 Minutes By Local Businessman

If you want to be treated with dignity, respect and get fuel in the process, visit Gas Way in Cleveland at the corner of Jasper St and West 105 (Bellaire).

It was just before 7am on a very cold morning in Cleveland. Freezing rain covered my car. I was on my way to the gas station before going to work.

I went inside the gas station to take 40 dollars out of the ATM. I swiped my card, punched in my code and attempted to get 40 bucks. The screen said “process error” then spit out a receipt. I swiped my card again and the same thing was displayed on the screen “process error.” I figured the freezing rain was effecting the link between the ATM and my bank so I decided to purchase my gas with my ATM card.

The cashier took my card and swiped it through the machine behind his counter. The transaction went through. I pumped the gas and was on my way to work.

Out of curiosity, I looked at the purchases on my ATM card (via my computer) and noticed I had a 40 dollar charge from the gas station. “Oh shit!” I said to myself, “It was that ATM at the gas station.”

I waited a couple of days to see if the transaction would be canceled and credited back to my account. The 40 dollars and fees posted about 36 hours later.

I went back to Gas Way two days later and talked to the owner. His name was Abe. I showed him the receipts from the ATM machine and explained the situation to him. He checked his records against my receipts. Both my receipts said “Unable to process Transaction at this time.”  However his records said that the ATM dispensed 40 dollars to me on the day in question.

He gave me his phone and I called tech support for the ATM company. Tech support told me to file a claim with my bank. (I already knew that this process can take weeks, even months or years.

Banks are in a very bad situation right now. That is a whole other story.

Gas Way 12-20-2008Anyway, I handed the phone back to Abe. He talked to tech support for a minute or two.

After Abe hung up the phone with the ATM company, he reached into his pocket and gave me 40 dollars plus the fee. NOW THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE AND BEING A GREAT BUSINESSMAN.

I don’t care if the price of gas jumps to 4.00 a gallon again. I’m going to support this local business. Gas Way’s fuel is always reasonably priced and usually the lowest priced in my neighborhood.

As a thank you to Abe for taking care of the ATM dispute situation, I told him I was going to post an entry on this blog. So thank you Abe. I wish there were more businessmen like you that knew how to take care of their customers.

Visit Gas Way in Cleveland. Support this business.

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