2016 Stimulus Checks??

2016 – 50,000 (Fifty Thousand) Dollar Economic Stimulus Check.

The U.S. Economy is in shambles and Capitol Hill scrambles to find an answer to the problem. What can government do in order to stimulate the economy?

First off, trickle down economics doesn’t work. Back in the 80’s it worked. But since we are in a global economy the trickle down money of yesteryear wouldn’t stimulate the U.S. Economy, it would stimulate overpaid CEOs and manufacturers overseas.

What about the government bailout packages for corporations? I don’t think they will work that well. You can give all the money you want to the auto industry, but if people don’t have any money or credit to buy a car, the Automakers are still going to go under.

What is the answer to stimulating the economy? Here is the simplest solution. It’s so easy that the government wouldn’t even consider it.

The swift and prudent action would be to give each middle-class taxpayer a stimulus check of 50,000 dollars. Yes, $50,000! With all the money we have given to banks, businesses and auto makers, we could afford to give each taxpayer 50k.

If you would like to read more about the plan visit 2011 Stimulus Check Plan.

So how would giving people a 50 thousand dollar stimulus check stimulate the economy? If you give the taxpayers a 50 thousand dollar economic 2011 stimulus check they will spend. For example, Joe The Plumber gets a check or direct deposit of 50,000 dollars. He goes to Walmart and buys a new Plasma TV. Walmart makes money on the sale, Magnavox makes money because they are selling more TVs and the employees of Magnavox and Walmart are working and making money. Joe the plumber can now watch a Cleveland Browns game and everyone is happy.

Jane, the single mom, just got her 50 thousand dollar economic back in 2011 stimulus check. She’s happier than a pig in mud. Jane needs a new car. She doesn’t want to spend her entire 50 thousand dollar economic stimulus check on a new car so she drops 5 grand down on a new GM car and finances the rest. In this example, GM is making and selling cars. GM employees are back to work. Credit is flowing again because the bank loaned Jane money for her car. The guys at the steel mill are making more steel for GM and the vendor that fills the vending machines at the steel mill is happy because people are buying the potato chips out of his machine.

Are we getting a stimulus check in 2011? Let’s hope we get a 2011 stimulus check.

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