2012 Stimulus Checks

If I owned a bakery and didn’t sell any cakes because the people in my neighborhood didn’t have any money…why would the government give me money? Am I going to buy my own cakes? Why not give 2012 stimulus checks to the people so they can BUY my product. It’s absurd that our government gave billions to industries that had trouble selling products because their consumer’s didn’t have any money or credit.


I think the government should strengthen big business and small business. What’s the best way for government to give businesses a big boost?
2012 Stimulus Checks

Give every taxpayer a big fat stimulus check for 20 thousand dollars. Yep, that’s right. $20,ooo. How will this boost businesses?

Giving a 2012 stimulus check to people for 20k would get people to spend.

I know if I had 20 grand, I would be at Best Buy or Walmart right now.

I might even put a down payment on a new car. A smart car.

Giving taxpayers 2012 stimulus checks for 20 thousand…

It would start a spending flow chain. (consumer–> business–> manufacturer–> Employees –> Consumer)

I’m still pissed off that our government gave all that money to automakers.

You can give all the money you want to the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker, but it’s not going to get consumers to buy their products.

Bailout money and a fat 2012 stimulus check should go to the people.

We, the people, spend.

Why is the economy bad? Because people aren’t spending.

What is your take? How much should the 2012 stimulus checks be a part of the 2012 economy?

Would you want a stimulus check in 2012 for 20 grand?

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