2009 Stimulus Checks, Cries for Help and Other Brags

2009 Stimulus Check – Update

A couple of months ago, I wrote an article about how the government could stimulate the economy. The solution to the economic crisis was to give each taxpayer a 50 thousand dollar 2009 stimulus check. The comments on the 2009 Stimulus Check article were amazing. If you ever get a chance, read them. some of the comments are cries for help. People are in bad shape because of the economy, while banks and big businesses get billions. I haven’t heard anything about Congress getting taxpayers together on Capitol Hill to find out what they need to be bailed out. Big business can afford lobbyists, We, The People, don’t have lobbyists.

I’m not against big business, I’m just against government putting their hands on businesses. The role of government is to protect it’s taxpaying citizens.

My Personal Brag of the Week.

My cousin made the cover of Cleveland Magazine. Check her out here.

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