2009 Stimulus Check – Among Other Things


Amazing. It’s been a while since I last posted. Sorry for such a delay.

Here’s what I have been up to.

  • I have been working on some new websites.
  • I have been battling a painful sinus infection.
  • I’m trying to shed some weight before my brother’s wedding.
  • Cleaning up this website.

I had almost 300 comments on my post about the 2009 stimulus check. It was slowing down the time it takes to load the webpage so I cleaned up most of the comments.

It looks like president Obama’s Stimulus Plan will pass and he’ll be signing the bill soon. I’m all for tax cuts but for the amount we are going to spend you could give everyone in the WORLD a 1600 dollar check.

A tax break for me would be an extra 8 bucks a check. That’s sucks.

Instead of getting 8 bucks every two weeks how about giving everyone a 2009 stimulus check for 50 thousand dollars. Wouldn’t that make better sense.

I know that there are going to be people out there that say this would cause inflation. But tell me, how do you know it would cause inflation? Have you received a 50 thousand dollar 2009 stimulus check yet?

Like many of you out there, I’m worried about my job. Why would I be worried? Well, first of all, I see how bad this economy is getting. Unemployment is growing at an alarming rate and businesses of all types are suffering.

The second reason why I fear for my job is because when I say hi to my bosses, they haven’t been saying hi back to me lately. It seems as if everyone is depressed and down in the dumps, no wonder why they call this shit a depression.

2009 Stimulus Check
2009 Stimulus Check

The third reason why I feel like my job is at stake is because I haven’t been rewarded for outstanding work in a very long time. I bust my ass at work and I’m totally productive.  I’m never late to work. (I hate being late and I think tardiness is a sign of laziness.) I’m the type of person that can learn a new job in minutes or come up with a productive idea.

Now, I could go on some more. But I won’t. That would be BRAGGING.

Do you sense that things may be going wrong at your job? Vent it out by leaving a comment.

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