2009 Stimulus Check – Maybe not. How about 13 dollars a week.

A 2009 Stimulus Check. How about a reality check.

I read this article from Yahoo News. Click here for the original article.

WASHINGTON – Millions of workers would soon see an extra $13 in their weekly paychecks and thousands of small businesses operating in the red could get tax refunds under the economic recovery bill nearing completion in Congress.

Do you really want an extra 13 dollars in your check? 13 dollars a week won’t fill up gas tank. I cannot believe how little of a tax break I’m going to get from the Obama administration. I voted for you President Obama. I was hoping that I would get more than 13 dollars a week extra in my pay check.

This won’t do anything but stimulate my gas tank. Well, 1/2 of it. Some stimulus for 2009.

So in essense, how much will we get for the 2009 stimulus check? How about 13 dollars a week if you are lucky.

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