2009 List of Celebrity Deaths

2009 has been an odd year. It seemed every 3 weeks a celebrity died. I also lost two family members this year.

Sorry for such a morbid post but 2009 was an odd year. Gas prices started out low now they are high again,  the economy is still in bad shape and all I hear on the radio and TV is doom and gloom.

I lost my job in April of 2009 only to rebound and do better than I was at my old job.

As for a list of celebrity deaths, here it goes. (List courtesy of  Horroryearbook.com)


January 2:  Jett Travolta (Age 16)  : Son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston.  Pic : COD:  Fatal blow to the head after seizure.

January 3:  Pat Hingle (Age: 84) : Commissionor Gordon of first Batman series.  Pic : COD: Leukemia.

January 6:  Ron Asheton (Age 60) :  Notable guitarist and co-writer lyrics for Iggy Pop’s The Stooges.  Pic : COD:  Apparent Heart Attack.

January 7:  Bob Wilkins (Age 76)  : Creator and host of Creature Features.  Pic :  COD: Alzheimer’s disease

January 13:  Patrick McGoohan (Age 80) : Actor from Scanners, Silver Streak, & Braveheart.  Pic : COD: Death after short illness.

January 14:  Ricardo Montalban (Age 88) : Most famous for his Khan role on Star Trek.  Pic : COD:  No official cause yet.

January 18:  Bob May (Age 69) : Played The Robot on Lost in Space.  Pic : COD:  Congestive Heart Failure

January 22:  Veatrice Rice (Age 60) : Played a foul-mouthed security guard on Jimmy Kimmel Live!  Pic : COD: Cancer

January 25:  Kim Manners (Age 58) : Notable TV series director which shows included X-Files and Supernatural.  Pic : COD: Lung Cancer.

January 27:  John Updike (Age 76) : American Novelist famous for Rabbit series.  Pic : COD: Lung Cancer.

January 28:  Billy Powell (Age 56) : Keyboardist for Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Pic : COD:   Heart attack.

January 29:  John Martyn (Age 60) : British guitarist who has worked with Phil Collins and Eric Clapton.  Pic : COD:  No official cause yet.

January 29:  Hank Crawford (Age 74) : Sideman sax player for Eric Clapton and Ray Charles.  Pic : COD: Complications from a 2001 stroke.


February 4:  Tom Brumley (Age 73) : Steel guitarist of Buckaroos and Nelson’s Stone Canyon Band.  Pic : COD: No official cause yet.

February 4:  Erick Purkhiser a.k.a. Lux Interior (Age 62) : Lead singer and founding member of punk band The Cramps.  Pic : COD: Heart condition.

February 6:  James Whitmore (Age 87) : Actor who starred in Shawshank Redemption and The Relic  Pic : COD: Lung Cancer

February 10:  Jeremy Lusk ( Age 24) : American motocross rider.  Pic : COD:  Head injuries due to a stunt.

February 14:  Louie Bellson (Age 84) : Acclaimed jazz drummer.  Pic : COD: Complications of Parkinson’s disease.

February 19:  Kelly Groucutt (Age 63) : Former Bass player for Electric Light Orchestra, ELO.  Pic : COD: Heart Attack.

February 19:  Miike Tenkula (Age 34) : Lead guitarist and songwriter for metal band Sentenced.  Pic : COD: No official cause of death.

February 20:  Robert Quarry (Age 83) : Portrayed Count Yorga, the vampire, in notable Vincent Price films.  Pic : COD:  No official cause of death – apparent natural causes.

February 22:  Howard Zieff (Age 81) : Director of My Girl, My Girl 2, and Private Benjamin.  Pic : COD: Complications from Parkinson’s disease.

February 25:  Randall Bewley (Age 54) : Guitarist for band Pylon.  No Pic:  COD : Heart attack.

February 26:  Clarence Swensen (Age 91) : A Wizard of Oz munchkin. Pic : COD: No official cause of death.

February 27:  Alan Landers (Age 65) : Model for Winston cigarettes.  Pic : COD: Cancer.


March 1:  Robert Bruce (Age 65) : Professional wrestler and had a small role in A Clockwork Orange.  Pic : COD: Died suddenly after short illness.

March 1:  Marquis Cooper (Age 26) : Professional football player for Oakland Raiders.  Pic : COD:  Possible hypothermia and/or drowning.

March 1:  Corey Smith (Age 29) : Professional football player for Detroit Lions.  Pic : COD: Possible hypothermia and/or drowning.

March 3:  Sydney Earle Chaplin (Age 80) : Son of Charlie Chaplin and actor of Satan’s Cheerleaders.  Pic : COD: No cause yet determined.

March 4:  Horton Foote (Age 92) : Novelist and screenwriter who wrote the screenplay for To Kill A Mocking Bird.  Pic : COD: Apparent natural causes.

March 4:  John Cephas (Age 78) : American blues guitarist.  Pic : COD: Natural causes.

March 8:  Willie King (Age 65) : American blues singer and guitarist.  Pic : COD: Heart attack.

March 11:  Charles Lewis Jr. (Age 43) : Co-founder of MMA fighting clothesline label called TapouT.  Pic : COD: Car crash.

March 14:  Altovise Davis (Age 65) : Widow of Sammy Davis Jr. with a short stint of acting.  PIC : COD: Stroke.

March 14:  Jeff Komlo (Age 52) : Former QB for Detriot Lions and Tampa Bay Buccs.  Pic : COD: Car crash.

March 15:  Ron Silver (Age 62) : Actor who was in Timecop and The Entity.  Pic : COD: Esophageal Cancer.

March 18:  Natasha Richardson (Age 45) : British actress married to Liam Neeson. Pic: COD: Traumatic brain injury.

March 18:  Moultrie Patten (Age 89) : Actor in television series Northern Exposure.  Pic : COD: Pneumonia.

March 24:  Uriel Jones (Age 74) : Drummer for Funk Brothers. Pic : COD: Complications from a heart attack.

March 29:  Maurice Jarre (Age 84) : Composer for the films Ghost, Dead Poets Society, Fatal Attraction, and Dreamscape.  Pic : COD:  Cancer.

March 29:  Andy Hallett (Age 33) : Actor in Angel TV series.  Pic : COD: Heart failure.


April 2:  Lou Perryman (Age 67) : Actor who had roles in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and Poltergeist.  Pic : COD: Murdered by stabbing.

April 5:  Wouter Barendrecht (Age 43) : Producer who produced such films as Vampire Hunters and Shortbus.  Pic : COD:  Heart failure.

April 7:  Jack Wrangler (Age 62) : Porn actor who, majorly preformed in gay adult films, was in Devil in Miss Jones 2 and Guess Who’s Coming?  Pic : COD: Lung disease.

April 9:  Nick Adenhart (Age 22) : Baseball pitcher for the Anaheim Angels.  Pic : COD: Car crash.

April 9:  Lee Madden (Age 82) : Director of Night Creature, The Night God Screamed, and the comedy horror film Ghost Fever.  Pic : COD: Pneumonia.

April 12:  Marilyn Chambers (Age 57) : Legendary porn actress who starred in Behind the Green Door.  Pic : COD:  Unknown cause of death.

April 19:  J.G. Ballard (Age 78) : British Novelist of the celebrated novel Crash later turned film directed by David Cronenberg.  Pic : COD: Prostate Cancer

April 22:  Jack Cardiff (Age 94) : Cinematographer who’s work included Rambo: First Blood II, Conan The Destroyer, and Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye.  He also directed The Freakmaker.  Pic : COD: No Cause of death but apparent natural causes.

April 22:  Ken Annakin (Age 94):  Director of The Longest Day and The Hellions.  Pic : COD: Complications from a heart attack and stroke in February.

April 22:  Kim Weiskopf (Age 62):  Writer of a few episodes of Full House and Married with Children.  No Pic: COD: Pancreatic cancer.

April 25:  Beatrice Arthur (Age 86):  One of the Golden Girls.  Pic : COD: Cancer.

April 28:  Buddy Rose (Age 56):  Professional wrestler nicknamed “Playboy.”  Pic : COD: Unknown cause of death.


May 1:  Danny Gans (Age 52):  American entertainer who circuited on the Vegas strip and was also a pro baseball player as well as an extra in Bull Durham.  Pic: COD: Fatal reaction to painkillers.

May 1:  Marc Rocco (Age 46):  Writer of The Jacket and Dream A Little Dream.  Pic:  COD: Unknown cause of death.

May 4:  Dom Deluise (Age 75):  American actor who played in numerous Mel Brooks movies such as Space Balls, Robin Hood:  Men in Tights and History of the World Part I.  Pic:  COD: Kidney failure and respiratory problems.

May 5:  BJ Flores (Age 30):  Professional boxer who held the U.S. Amateur Heavyweight Belt 2001-2002.  Pic:  COD: Collapsed during fight and died 5 days later by possible body/head injuries.

May 6:  Ean Evans (Age 48):  Bassist for Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Pic: COD: Cancer.

May 7:  Micky Carroll (Age 89):  One of the munchkins from The Wizard of Oz.  Pic: COD: Natural causes.

May 7:  Linda Dangcil (Age 67):  Sister Ana on the Flying Nun TV show.  Pic: COD: Throat Cancer

May 8:  Dom DiMaggio (Age 92):  Baseball player and brother of Joe DiMaggio.  Pic: COD:  pneumonia.

May 8:  Blue Iris (Age 62):  Member of Howard Stern’s The Wack Pack and a performer in granny porn.  Pic:  COD:  Heart attack complications.

May 9:  Stephen Bruton (Age 60):  Guitarist who performed with Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and more.  Pic: COD:  Throat Cancer.

May 11:  Mark Landon (Age 60):  Small time actor and eldest son of Michael Landon.  No Pic:  Unknown cause of death.

May 13:  Frank Aletter (Age 83):  Tv actor who became a regular in older shows such as Bring Up Buddy and It’s About Time.  Pic: COD: Cancer.

May 15:  Bud Tingwell (Age 86):  Aussie actor who had roles in Dracula:  Prince of Darkness and Murder She Said.  Pic: COD:  Prostate cancer.

May 15:  Wayman Tisdale (Age 44):  Former pro basketball player and jazz bass guitarist.  Pic: COD: Cancer.

May 18:  Robert Anthony Burton II (Age 21):  Atlanta based rapper named Dolla.  Pic: COD:  Shot to death during fight in L.A.

May 18:  Wayne Allwine (Age 62):  The voice of Mickey Mouse since 1977.  Pic:  COD:  Complications from diabetes.

May 20:  Lucy Gordon (Age 28):  Actress in Spider-Man 3 and The Four Feathers.  Pic:  COD:  Suicide by hanging.

May 24:  Jay Bennett (Age 45):  Former guitarist for the band Wilco.  Pic:  COD:  Unknown cause of death.

May 25:  Matti Inkinen (Age 50):  Lead singer of the Finnish electropop band SIG.  Pic:  COD:  Apparent drowning.

May 26:  Exodus Tyson (Age 4):  Daughter of former heavy weight champion of boxing Mike Tyson.  Pic:  COD:  Accidental strangulation with a treadmill cord.

May 26:  Michael Ross (Age 89):  Writer of some episodes of All in the Family, The Jeffersons and Threes Company.  No Pic :  COD:  Complication from a heart attack.

May 30:  Don Edmonds (Age 72):  Director of the notorious naziploitation film Ilsa, She Wolf of the S.S.  Pic:  COD:  Unknown cause of death but most likely cancer.

May 31:  Millvina Dean (Age 97):  Last survivor of the Titanic that sank in 1912.  Pic:  COD:  Pneumonia.


June 3:  David Carradine (Age 72):  Star of the widely popular Kung Fu TV series and co-starred in Tarantino’s Kill Bill movies.  Pic:  COD:  Autoerotic asphyxiation.

June 4:  Shih Kien (Age 96):  Played major roles in various kung fu and Bruce Lee movies such as Enter the Dragon and Revenge of the Dragon.  Pic:  COD:  Natural causes.

June 5:  Del Monroe (Age 73):  Actor in the TV series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.  Pic:  COD:  Leukemia.

June 8:  Johnny Palermo (Age 27):  TV Actor who played in Just For Kicks.  Pic:  COD:  Car accident.

June 9:  Michael Roof (Age 32):  Actor in the xXx movies and Black Hawk Down.  Pic:  COD:  Unknown cause of death.

June 13:  Mitsuharu Misawa (Age 46):  Professional Japanese wrestler.  Pic:  COD:  Heart attack.

June 14:  Bob Bogle (Age 75):  Member and founder of the surf instrumental band The Ventures.  Pic : COD:  Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

June 17:  John Josep[h Houghtaling (Age 92):  Inventor of the Magic Fingers Vibrating Bed.  Pic:  COD:  Natural causes.

June 23:  Ed McMahon (Age 86):  Popular sidekick of Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show.  Pic:  COD:  Various health irregularities.

June 25:  Farrah Fawcett (Age 62):  Actress in popular T.V. series Charlie’s Angels and former playboy model.  Pic:  COD:  Anal Cancer.

June 25:  Michael Jackson (Age 50):  King of pop music.  Pic:  COD:  Cardiac Arrest.

June 25:  Sky Saxon (Age 72):  Bass guitarists for band The Seeds.  Pic:  COD:  Died after brief illness.

June 28:  Billy Mays (Age 50):  Infomercial seller and co-star of the Pitchman show.  Pic:  COD:  Heart disease.

June 28:  Fred Travelena (Age 66):  American entertainer and comedian.  Pic:  COD:  Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and prostate cancer.

June 29:  Alberto Jiménez (Age 34-35):  Mexican midget pro wrestler.  Pic:  Murder by overdose.

June 29:  Alejandro Jiménez (Age 35-36):  Mexican midget pro wrestler.  Pic:  Murder by overdose.

June 30:  Pina Bausch (Age 68):  Modern Dance Choreographer.  Pic:  COD:  Cancer.


July 1:  Karl Malden (Age 97):  American actor with horror credits in The Cat O’Nine Tails and Dead Ringer.  Pic:  COD:  Natural causes.

July 1:  Harve Presnell (Age 75):  American movie and broadway actor who had memorable roles in Fargo and Saving Private Ryan.  Pic:  COD:  Pancreatic cancer.

July 1:  Mollie Sugden (Age 86):  British actress who appeared in Are You Being Served? television sitcom series.  Pic:  COD:  Natural causes.

July 4:  Steve McNair (Age 36):  Quarterback for the Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens.  Pic:  COD:  Murder-suicide.

July 6:  Oscar Mayer Jr. (Age 95):  Chairman of Oscar Mayer meat company.  No Pic:  COD:  Natural causes.

July 8:  Judi Ann Mason (Age 55):  Writer of Sister Act 2:  Back in the Habit.  Pic:  COD:  Aortic dissection.

July 13:  Dash Snow (Age 27):  Photographer and sculptor who portrayed violence, drugs, and explicit sex in his work.  Pic:  COD:  Heroin overdose.

July 17:  Walter Cronkite (Age 92):  American broadcast journalist.  Pic:  COD:  Cerebrovascular disease.

July 21:  Les Lye (Age 84):  Had numerous roles on the adult children program You Can Do That on Television?  Pic:  COD:  Natural causes.

July 25:  Clayton Hill (Age 78):  Lead zombie in Dawn of the Dead and also played a priest in Hellraiser 3.  Pic:  COD:  Complications from pneumonia

July 31:  Baatin (Age 35):  American rapper of the group Slum Village.  Pic:  COD:  Unknown cause of death.

July 31:  Harry Alan Towers (Age 88):  British producer and screenwriter who wrote and was responsible for countless horror and exploitation classics such as Fu-Manchu, The Bloody Judge, Count Dracula (1970), 99 Women and Circus of Fear.  Pic:  COD:  After short illness.


August 1:  Naomi Sims (Age 61):  First African American supermodel.  Pic:  COD:  Breast cancer.

August 4:  Blake Snyder (Age 51):  Screenwriter who wrote Stop, Or My Mom Will Shoot! and also wrote the kids’ comedy Blank Check.  Pic:  COD:  Cardiac arrest.

August 5:  Budd Schulberg (Age 95):  Screenwriter who wrote Little Orphan Annie and On the Water Front.  Pic:  COD:  Natural causes.

August 6:  Reiko Ôhara (Age 62):  Japanese actress who appeared in Zatoichi:  The Festival of Fire and The Shogun Samurai.  Pic:  COD:  Unknown cause of death but body was discovered on this date and her death may have occured a week or two earlier.

August 6:  Jay Smith (Age 26):  Indy wrestler from the west coast known as DJ Rizz or Ravishing Rizz.  Pic:  COD:  Car crash.

August 6:  John Hughes (Age 59):  Director and writer who became famous for such films as The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Weird Science and Ferris Beuller’s Day Off.  Pic:  COD:  Cardiac arrest.

August 11:  Eunice Kennedy Shriver (Age 88):  One of the Kennedys.  Pic:  COD:  Unknown cause of death.

August 12:  Rashied Ali (Age 74):  Jazz drummer who usually worked with John Coltrane.  Pic:  COD:  Heart attack.

August 13:  Les Paul (Age 94):  Inventor of the solid-body electric guitar.  Pic:  COD:  Complications from pneumonia.

August 13:  Allen Schellenberger (Age 39):  Drummer for the American alternative rock band Lit.  Pic:  COD:  Brain cancer.

August 19:  Don Hewitt (Age 86):  Inventor of 60 Minutes television program.  Pic: COD:  Pancreatic cancer.

August 20:  Larry Knechtel (Age 69):  Keyboardist who performed with notable bands such as The Beach Boys, Neil Diamond and The Dixie Chicks.  Pic:  COD:  Unknown cause of death.

August 21:  Johnny Carter (Age 75):  R&B singer with The Flamingos and The Dells and is also in the RocknRoll Hall of Fame.  Pic:  COD:  Unknown cause of death.

August 23:  Ryan Jenkins (Age 32):  Canadian reality star who was a major suspect in the murder of a co-star.  Pic:  COD:  Apparent suicide by hanging.

August 25:  Ted Kennedy (Age 77):  Brother of John F. Kennedy and a memeber of the U.S. Senate.  Pic:  COD:  Brain cancer.

August 26:  Dominick Dunne (Age 83):  American novelist and screenwriter.  Pic:  COD:  Bladder cancer.

August 27:  Shing Fui-On (Age 54):  Hong Kong actor who appeared in such films as The Ebola Syndrome, The Killer and The Untold Story.  Pic:  COD:  Nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

August 28:  Adam Goldstein (Age 36):  A popular disc jockey who most notably survived a fatal leerjet accident with Blink-182’s Travis Barker.  Pic:  COD:  Suspected drug overdose.


September 1:  Jake Brockman (Age 53):  Keyboards for the band Echo and the Bunnymen.  Pic:  COD:  Motorcycle accident.

September 11:  Larry Gelbart (Age 81):  Main comedy writer behind the MASH TV series and also co-wrote Tootsie.  Pic:  COD:  Cancer.

September 11:  Jim Carroll (Age 59):  Poet and music artist who formed the new wave/punk band The Jim Carroll Band.  Pic:  COD:  Heart attack.

September 13:  Paul Bruke (Age 83):  American TV actor who also played the lead role in Psychic Killer.  Pic:  COD:  Unknown cause of death.

September 14:  Patrick Swayze (Age 57):  Lead actor of Point Break, Ghost, Dirty Dancing and Road House.  Pic:  COD:  Pancreatic cancer.

September 14:  Henry Gibson (Age 73):  American actor who had parts in The ‘burbs, Gremlins 2, and appeared in the TV sitcom Boston Legal.  Pic:  COD:  Cancer.

September 15:  Troy Kennedy-Martin (Age 77):  Screenwriter who wrote the original The Italian Job and also wrote Kelly’s Heros.  Pic:  COD:  Liver cancer.

September 16:  Mary Travers (Age 72):  Part of the group Peter, Paul and Mary.  Pic:  COD:  Leukemia.

September 17:  Frank Deasy:  (Age 49):  Screenwriter who penned Prozac Nation.  Pic:  COD:  Liver cancer.

September 17:  Dick Durock:  (Age 72):  American actor and stuntman who portrayed Swamp Thing in the films and in the T.V. series.  Pic:  COD:  Unknown cause of death.

September 19:  Roc Raida (Age 37):  A disc jockey who performed with the group X-Ecutioners.  Pic:  COD:  Complications from a car accident.

September 21:  Robert Ginty (Age 60):  Main actor in The Exterminator and The Exterminator 2.  Pic:  COD:  Cancer.

September 22:  Lucy Voddon (Age 46):  Famous for being the subject of the popular Beatles track “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”  Pic:  COD:  Lupus.

September 24:  Susan Atkins (Age 61):  A member of the Mason Family and a convicted murderer.  Pic:  COD:  Brain Cancer.

September 27:  Beau Velasco (Age ??):  One of the two members of the punk/electronica band The Death Set.  Pic:  COD:  Unknown cause of death.

September 30:  John Couey (Age 51):  American convicted murderer of Jessica Lunsford in February of 2005.  Pic:  COD:  Cancer.


October 2:  John Rivas (Age ??):  A hip-hop artist and DJ who went by the stage name of Mr. Magic.  Mr. Magic:  COD:  Heart attack.

October 6:  Tony Fein (Age 27):  Former Baltimore Ravens and Iraq veteran.  Pic:  COD:  Heart attack.

October 9:  Barry Letts (Age 84):  Director and producer of the original Doctor Who television show.  Pic:  COD:  Unknown cause of death.

October 10:  Stephen Gately (Age 33):  Irish pop singer of the boy band Boyzone.  Pic:  COD:  Pulmonary oedema.

October 10:  Veronika Neugebauer (Age 39):  German voice actress and dubber who voiced some of the anime Sailor Moon and dubbed voices in the Scream trilogy, The Blair Witch Project and Wild Things.  Pic:  COD:  Unknown cause of death.

October 12:  Dickie Peterson (Age 61):  Bassist and lead singer for band Blue Cheer.  Pic:  COD:  Liver cancer.

October 13:  Al Martino (Age 82):  An American-Italian singer and actor who appeared in all three Godfather films as Johnny Fontane.  Pic:  COD:  Unknown cause of death.

October 14:  Lou Albano (Age 76):  A professional wrestler known as Captain Lou also appeared on the kids television show The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! as the legendary Nintendo Mario character.  Pic:  COD:  Natural causes.

October 17:  Victor Mizzy (Age 93):  A composer who did scores for Addams Family, Green Acres and delved a little into Sam Raimi’s Spiderman 2 and 3.  Pic:  COD:  Unknown cause of death.

October 19:  Joseph Wiseman (Age 91):  Canadian actor who portrayed the first James Bond villain Dr. No.  Pic:  COD:  Unknown cause of death.

October 22:  Soupy Sales (Age 83):  American comedian who worked with puppets.  Pic:  COD:  Unknown cause of death.


November 7:  Joe Maross (Age 86):  American television star who appeared in various TV shows such as Hawaii 5-0, Mission Impossible and The Twilight Zone to name a few.  Pic:  COD:  Unknown cause of death.

November 8:  Jerry Fuchs (Age 34):  Former drummer for the indie electronic rock band !!!.  Pic:  COD:  Fell down elevator shaft.

November 10:  John Allen Muhammad (Age 48):  Beltway/D.C. Sniper who gunned down 10 people during the late half of the summer of 2002.  Pic:  COD:  Lethal injection.

November 12:  Paul Wendkos (Age 87):  Director of The Bad Seed, The Mephisto Waltz and Gidget.  Pic:  COD:  Stroke complications.

November 15:  Ken Ober (Age 52):  Host of the MTV game show Remote Control.  Pic:  COD:  Unknown cause of death.

November 15:  Jocelyn Quivrin (Age 30):  French actor who appeared in movies such as Syriana and Empire of the Wolves.  Pic:  COD:  Car crash fire.

November 15:  Dennis Cole (Age 69):  Actor who appeared in Zombie Death House.  Pic:  COD:  Unknown cause of death.

November 16:  Edward Woodward (Age 79):  British actor who starred in the original The Wicker Man and in Hot Fuzz.  Pic:  COD:  Pneumonia

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List of Celebrities Who Died in 2009

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