10-year-old Gets Ticket For Lemonade Stand

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10-year-old Gets Ticket For Lemonade Stand

When I was a kid growing up in the Collinwood area of Cleveland, my brother and I used to set up a Kool-Aid stand and sell cups of it on a hot day. We would sell each cup for a a dime. After making about a dollar, we would run to the store and buy baseball cards, gum, candy and soda.

Well in New York City a 10 year old girl had the same idea. She set up shop in Central Park on a hot day. She charged 50 cents a cup. (New York Prices…sheesh.)

After selling a few cups of lemonade, the department of parks in New York City asked her for a permit, shut her down, ticketed and fined her.

Laws are laws, but building a lemonade stand is a kid’s first taste of capitalism. It’s where a kid can learn that if he works hard, they can be anything they want to be in life. For a kid, capitalism means not having to ask your mom or dad for money. There is nothing wrong with it. It’s part of the American dream.

But in essence, it’s a shame that a kid that wants to make an honest buck, gets dissed by the City of New York.

Maybe she should have sold bluts or dime bags.  After all, it’s New York.

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