10 Ways Social Media Sites Can Help You Find A Job

10 Ways Social Media Sites Can Help You Find A Job

1. Post a bulliten that you are looking for a job.
-Swallow your pride when times get tough. Someone on your friend’s list or one of your Twitter followers could actually know of a place that needs your skills.

2. Join Linkedin.
-You can network and join groups pertaining to your line of work.

3. Create a Facebook Fan Page to help you find a job.
-You can make a free online resume using a facebook fan page. Highlight your skills and even get other people who are in the same boat to join your page.

4. Post a Youtube video (video resume) don’t be afraid to let the world know that you are seeking work.

5. Do a twitter search http://search.twitter.com for business that are looking to hire.

6. Use myspace to find a job. There is even a section called “myspace jobs.” You can find great employment using this feature.

7. Follow a company on Twitter that is hiring. You can get some great background information before the interview.

8. If you are a new mom, there are plenty of social networks out there on ning.com that can help you find a legit work from home business.

9. Clean up your social networking sites or make them private. Potential employers will Google search your name to find anything they can about you. So if you have tweets or posts that tell about your wild drunken nights with a strange animal, CLEAN IT UP.

10. Retweet this article so that other people can use social networks to find a job.

10 Ways Social Media Sites Can Help You Find A Job

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