10 Great Ways to Use Facebook

10 Great Ways to Use Facebook

Some people don’t like Facebook because they just don’t know what to do when they get an account. I have friends that join over a year ago but they don’t contribute to the conversation or they just don’t get it. Here are 10 ways to use Facebook and have fun.

  1. Play some games on Facebook (Mafia Wars, Farmville, Bejeweled)
  2. Join a group. (If you have a hobby or are into a cause, there is a group for you.)
  3. Create a “fan page” for a person, place, thing or even your business
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  4. Plan an event and send out invitations. (With the RSVP feature you’ll know how much food to buy.)
  5. Wish someone a happy birthday.
  6. Ask questions. (Have you seen this movie? Can anyone fix a computer?)
  7. Answer questions. (That movie was great. I can fix your computer?)
  8. Share photos, videos and links to great sites you find.
  9. Tag photos
  10. Connect with old friends. It’s cheaper than spending money at classmates.com
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