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Video – Attempted Car Theft Gone Wrong (Hello Bus)

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July 14, 2008
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July 16, 2008

Video – Attempted Car Theft Gone Wrong (Hello Bus)

Thief breaks car window.

Welcome to Cleveland, Ohio. Yeah, I live in this amazing city. I guess there is more good than bad here, but when the bad hits…it smacks you in the face like brick covered in smelly cabbage shit. This morning when I was getting ready to take my five-year-old to day camp, my son noticed that the passenger side window of the car was broken. Then after I did a double-take, I noticed that the steering column was busted, the ignition was torn to shreds and the car looked like a New Orleans Wal-Mart after a hurricane.

The person who did this is extremely that lucky I didn’t see this happening in progress or I would have hit this person with a stun-gun and then duct-taped them to a tree naked with a sign on them that read something awful. I probably would have filmed the world’s greatest bondage movie of all time. Well, not really, but when you’re angry, you’re angry.

The economy is bad enough. Bullshit like this makes it worse, especially for all of us.

I guess I’ll be taking the bus again for a while.


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