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December 11, 2010

Danny Greene Movie – Collinwood

Image via Wikipedia I wrote an article over a year ago about this movie. Finally the Danny Greene movie is scheduled to come out in 2011. […]
June 19, 2009

Movies About Cleveland – Filmed Elsewhere

Movies About Cleveland - Ohio politicians just don't get the picture. They could make it easy on the film industry but they won't. Two movies about Cleveland are being produced right now. The Irishman about Mobster Danny Greene in the 70's and "Ness" a movie about the the Torso Murderer in Cleveland when Elliot Ness was safety director in the city.
June 8, 2009

Danny Greene Collinwood Movie

Danny Greene Collinwood Movie - There's going to be a movie mad about Cleveland Irish Mobster Danny Greene. The title of the movie is called "The Irishman." It's going to include an A-List Cast. Too bad they are filming this movie in Detroit.