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May 21, 2013

Buy A Web Address for Under $5.

Got $5??  You can buy a domain name or web address for under $5.  So if you have ever wanted to start up your blog about […]
January 10, 2012

WP SEO Crusher

What is the WP SEO Crusher system. If you are a wordpress user, there the SEO Crusher system shows you how to make a few tweaks […]
March 10, 2011

You Can Overcome Anything

Let me tell you about a girl who was repeatedly raped and tormented by her own father. She even got pregnant by her father when she was in her teens. She was a poor African-American girl who didn't let the past equate her future. I'll tell you her name..
February 13, 2011

The Dailybragger Will Donate February’s Revenue To American Heart Association

The web has been good to me. Now it's time to give back. For the Month of February, I will donate any revenue made from my blog to the American Heart Association. Also my cousin, Monica Potter, has teamed up with Campbells to fight heart disease. Campbells will donate $1 for every view this YouTube Video receives.
January 4, 2011

Video: Homeless Man With An Amazing Voice

A Homeless Man with an Amazing Voice. The economy is bad and often we see people on the side of the off ramps looking for a […]
November 8, 2010

Contest Burner

If you have been following this blog for a couple of years, you know that I had a contest over a year ago. I used a […]
April 9, 2010

Spoofing for Free

Not too long ago I had the pleasure of trying out the Spoofcard. The spoofcard is a calling card, or pin number that you use to […]
September 16, 2009

New WordPress Plugin Gets Viral Traffic To Your Website

New Wordpress Plugin Gets Viral Traffic To Your Website. It's perfect for setting up a Twitter contest or a Youtube contest. Use Twitter to get viral traffic, use Youtube to get traffic to your website. Contest Burner Wordpress plugin.
July 17, 2009

Having A Nicheless Blog

Yes, the Daily Bragger has no niche. (Well, sort of.) I really never stick to a topic and continue to write posts about same thing over and over again. (Making me one of the worst blogs around.)
January 28, 2009

Obama Stimulus Package – How Much Is The 2012 Stimulus Check?

Obama Stimulus Package - How Much Is The Stimulus Check? Obama's Stimulus Package - Stimulus Check? There is no definitive number on the amount of the 2009 Stimulus Check. How does a 50 thousand dollar 2009 stimulus check sound?
October 13, 2008

The Video That is Making Republicans Look Ugly – Viral Video

(Cleveland, Ohio) Cleveland Blogger, Tim Russo, publisher of Blogger Interrupted has some video that he shot at a recent McCain-Palin Rally in Strongsville, Ohio. Youtube Video McCain Palin Rally Strongsville