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November 9, 2008

Follow or No Follow?

I made my comments available to the search engines by removing the no-follow. No follow means that the search engines won't pick up on any links in the comments. But since I believe that every blogger or website should get the proper credit as far as links are concerned, I made my comments available to the search engines. So please feel free to comment and leave your link.
October 18, 2008

Ways To Get Backlinks – SEO

93. Create a good Facebook app, and if it’s really good, the links will pour in. 94. Review bands, local restaurants, and small shops and get links on their sites in return for the exposure. 95. Speaking of that, sponsor a hot local band’s show one night with big flashy banners with your link on it (in the background)
August 15, 2008

Power Words for writing, marketing and speaking.

Unlimited PR 5, 6 & 7 Backlinks Power words, or action verbs, are words used to help make your statement stronger. By using power words or […]