Pastor Exclaims: Fire Will Shoot Out Your Butt if You are Gay

Self Proclaimed ‘Sodomite slayer’ Pastor James David Manning repeatedly claimed that God will make fire shoot out of the butts of gay people. Manning is notoriously anti-LGBT pastor.

The religious preacher also warned gay people that he has a prophecy from God… and they might not like it.

Manning went on to say:
“This is the word of the Lord! This is the prophecy of the almighty God! This is the Lord’s word!

Pastor Manning then went on to say that.. “If you are a sodomite, God’s going to have a flame coming out of your butthole!”

In another shocking soundbite he says “You ain’t seen nothing yet until you seen a flaming butthole. Thus sayeth the Lord almighty to every sodomite and every sodomite sympathizer.”

PinkNews, a news site popular with gay and lesbians, stated that “they couldn’t find any mention in the Bible of God shooting flames out of homosexual anuses.” This came after reporting about Pastor Manning’s rant on fire shooting anuses.

Check out Pastor Manning in his finest moment in this video Titled: Harlem Nights and Sodomites.

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