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January 15, 2013
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April 9, 2013

Please do your research before you pick up the phone and call my office.

If you want to call me about how I can improve my Google Ranking you better have game because I will destroy up your pitch in seconds.

Before you call my office trying to sell me bio-tech magazines, please be aware at what industry I am in.

Indian accent – Instant Hangup!!!

Mispronunciation of common names – Instant Hangup!!   telemarketing-tips

I’m not sure…but some telemarketing and cold calling must work or these guys wouldn’t do this shit.

I tell these chumps to take the number off the list and they keep calling and calling.

Put yourself on the DO NOT CALL LIST….THEY CALL!!! (DO NOT CALL does not apply to calls outside the U.S.)

Nobody talks anymore and I don’t have the time to talk to you fools.

Like newspapers and old-school silver-nitrate kodak film – who needs them?

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