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Commercial Construction Project Leads

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Commercial Construction Project Leads

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Shipbuilding Dock, Sound Construction and Engineering Co., contractor. General view of head end from "Hump", looking... - NARA - 299594 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My dad was in the construction business and his work usually came form word of mouth. He didn’t have the internet to look up leads for commercial construction.

If he were in business now, he would be amazed at some of the sites out there that help contractors and sub contractors find work to bid on in their area.

Or a site to help home owners find reliable contractors for a house remodel.

One such site is Elite Pro Net – Click here for more information.

Not only can you find jobs to bid on in your area, but you get top customer service to help you out with all of your questions.

According to Elite Pro Net:

Our priority is to take on projects that are fully funded, have already been awarded to the General Contractor or are in final bidding stages of GC bidding. We work to help subcontractors find construction projects. Our subcontractors are able to work with new General Contractors and with types of projects they haven’t worked with before.

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