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July 13, 2017

Green Lasers: What they Look Like When Pointed at Aircraft

What does a green laser look like to a pilot when some idiot points the beam at an aircraft? It’s blinding. The video below shows a […]
January 17, 2017
Who's phone number is this?

Reverse Search a Phone Number

“Who’s phone number is this?” You’ve probably seen those shady looking sites for reverse phone searches.  You know the ones. They make it all dramatic with […]
June 19, 2015

Jon Stewart Ditches Comedy to Talk About Charleston Shootings

Jon Stewart pauses the script to talk about the horrific Shootings in Charleston.
May 22, 2013

How do you change your caller ID to another number?

How do you change your caller ID to another number? Or How do you change the number that shows up on the caller ID of the person you just called? disguise your caller id, hide your caller id, remain anonymous
September 19, 2010

Where Do Floridians Go On Vacation

Image via Wikipedia Since I have been living here in Florida, I have had a burning question. Where do people from Florida go on vacation. Native […]
April 11, 2010

I’m not in Cleveland anymore.

I haven't really wrote a personal post in a while. Most of you know that I have been a lifelong Clevelander. About a month ago, my family and I moved to South Florida. I liquidated everything and only packed what could fit in a minivan.
January 7, 2010

Brooklyn Ohio Shutting Down American Greetings

Brooklyn Ohio is a money grubbing city. The city isn't business friendly. They are forcefully shutting down American Greetings. They lost Hugo Boss, now they want more business to leave.
December 15, 2009

2009 List of Celebrity Deaths

2009 has been an odd year. It seemed every 3 weeks a celebrity died. I also lost two family members this year. Sorry for such a morbid post but 2009 was an odd year. Gas prices started out low now they are high again, the economy is still in bad shape and all I hear on the radio and TV is doom and gloom
November 20, 2009

List of Celebrities on Twitter

This is an updated list of Celebrities on Twitter courtesy of Twitterrazzi. You can see their live streams just by clicking on each link. Celebrities on Twitter.
November 9, 2009

Imperial Avenue Cleveland Murders – Google Street View

Imperial Avenue Cleveland Murders I was looking up Imperial Avenue in Cleveland on Google Maps due to the overwhelming news about the bodies being discovered on that street. When I did a Google street view of the house on Imperial Avenue, I saw this picture. It's some person flipping off the Google Car that took the picture. You can check it out yourself here. Or just click the picture to enlarge it.
November 6, 2009

FSC On A Pack of Cigarettes – Time To Quit

A month ago, I was smoking my usual brand of cigarettes and I noticed a funny taste. I also noticed that the cigarrette kept going out by itself. A week later, I got an email from a friend on Facebook. She said that FSC above the barcode on a pack of cigarettes meant that they were Fire Safe Cigarettes.
November 5, 2009

Cleveland Casino – Has A Nice Ring To It

Ohio hit a royal flush at the polls. They approved casino gambling in 4 locations across Ohio. The gambling issue has been on the ballot a few times before and failed. Now that Ohio has hit rock bottom with high unemployment and the state and local municipalities trying to balance budgets, Ohio will get some much needed tax revenue.
October 27, 2009

Can you track your child with GPS

Tracking your child with a GPS. You turn your back for one second at the mall, and poof... you child isn't there. You call out there name only to find that they are in the next aisle looking at toys or hiding from you. This is the case most of time and as a father of a 7 year old, it scares me sometimes when he plays outside.
October 13, 2009

Gary The Numbers Guy WTAM

Gary The Numbers Guy for quite some time now and I have to say that he has a prediction that put the icing on the cake. Gary the numbers guy accuracy predicted the fall of the dollar and that oil would be traded with gold instead of dollars.
September 22, 2009

Barack Obama On The Late Show With Letterman

Barack Obama On Letterman In case you missed it, here is Barack Obama On the Late Show with David Letterman. This is the only President in my life time that seems like a normal guy and not from American royalty like the other guys.
September 20, 2009

Cleveland Browns Suck But The Fans Won’t Do Anything.

Cleveland Browns Suck and so do the fans. 10 years ago, an expansion team called the Cleveland Browns entered the NFL. In that 10 years, the Browns have a record of 54-109.
September 15, 2009

LeBron Headed To New York

LeBron Headed To New York It's been over 2 weeks ago since I started my Twitter Contest. Many of my readers have tweeted and participated in my contest.
September 6, 2009

Ohio Unemployment Filing for an Extension.

Ohio Unemployment Filing for an Extension. If you are unemployed in Ohio, here are some tips on how to file for an extension of unemployment benefits.
August 27, 2009

Grandma Attacks News Crew With A Hoe.

Grandma Attacks News Crew With A Hoe-When reporters wanted to ask Rosemary Lumpkin about a report she filed with police about her 15-year-old working at a Cocoa strip club, the woman at the hoem, attacked the camera crew with a hoe....a garden hoe.
August 8, 2009

Congratulations West Park Vets – W130th Tri-League T-Ball Champs

It's about a bunch of kids between 5 and 7 that were last picked to form a t-ball team. Their team had no nepotism, no favoritism and no politics. The team was not hand-picked. There were no kids of board members on the team. There were no former "all-stars" on the team.
August 4, 2009

Cash for Clunkers – Car Destruction

Cash for Clunkers may stimulate the pockets of GM and other auto makers but what about the poor guy that doesn't have a car to get to work? The cars in the Cash for Clunkers program must be destroyed. Why?
July 2, 2009

Reporter Tries To Get Drunk Guy Out of Live News Report

Reporter Tries To Get Drunk Guy Out of Live News Report - Reporter hits drunk man interrupting news cast.
June 28, 2009

2009 AST Dew Tour Cleveland

2009 AST Dew Tour Cleveland This is another black eye for the city of Cleveland. There were people from all over the county that came to Cleveland to catch the Dew Tour. The Dew Tour was also nationally televised.
June 13, 2009

Interesting Facebook Urls -Gurus

Here are some interesting Facebook urls that I came across just a few hours after the start of the gold rush. I found some of these using Twitter search as well as typing in different "pseudo-popular" vanity urls.
May 11, 2009

How Much Does Unemployment Pay? – Costly – I Lost My Job

How Much Does Unemployment Pay? I'm getting 210 dollars a week from unemployment. That's 840 a month. My cobra insurance is 704 a month. Wouldn't you think that if you are not working, that insurance would be cheaper. Not! Let's say that I do get do I pay my bills, rent, feed my kid, put gas in my car...ect?
April 22, 2009

Beyonce Today Show Audio Beyonce Singing Listen to Beyonce on Today Show

Beyonce Today Show Audio. Listen to Beyonce on the Today Show. Is it really Beyonce Singing.This audio was released on the Howard Stern Show. It's supposedly some audio from Beyonce's appearance on the Today show. Beyonce lip-syncing? Listen to the Beyonce Today Show Tape and judge for yourself.
April 6, 2009

Disguise Your Caller Id, Catch a cheater

How do you change your caller ID to another Number? Who loves you? How do you tell if someone is lying to you? There's a company out in New Jersey that specialized in high-tech phone products. The products they have are amazing and I even got a chance to try them out myself.
March 28, 2009

Free Services From Google That You Probably Didn’t Know About

Google is not just for search. There are many free services from Google that you probably didn't know about. Here they are.....
March 3, 2009

Why Do We Pay So Many Taxes? A Tax Rebellion

Why Do We Pay So Many Taxes? Even if you don't pay taxes in the are still paying taxes. Fill up your tank, buy a pack of smokes, buy a TV or clothes, you are still paying taxes. Why do we pay so many taxes when our county was founded on freedom....freedom from over taxation?
February 18, 2009

Danny Gokey Fast and Furious – American Idol

I was watching American Idol last night and I still think that Danny Gokey looks like Robert Downey Jr. So far my favorite is Danny Gokey. I'm picking him to win. Also, I'm pumped about the new Fast and Furious movie that is coming to theaters soon. I was watching some Fast and Furious Trailers and this one looks good.