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Brooklyn Ohio Shutting Down American Greetings

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Brooklyn Ohio is a money grubbing city. The city isn't business friendly. They are forcefully shutting down American Greetings. They lost Hugo Boss, now they want more business to leave.

Brooklyn Ohio is a money grubbing city.  I know this from personal experience. I got two tickets in one year from this city.

One ticket was for driving while on a cell phone. The other ticket was for turning left into Giant Eagle from Biddulph road. The “No Left Turn” sign isn’t visible until you start making the turn. There were also painted arrows on the road brooklynohioindicating that a left turn was okay. To this day, I avoid driving thru Brooklyn, Ohio. I won’t even patronize businesses in the city.

Now the city of Brooklyn, Ohio pimped slapped local business and everyone is going to have to pay for it.

Brooklyn, Ohio raised the payroll tax on business in the city.  Now American Greetings may want to leave the city to save money.

Read more about Brooklyn’s plans in an article by Plain Dealer Reporter Janet Cho.  She’s one of my favorite business reporters in Cleveland.


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