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Dr Motiram Boynton Beach


When in need of a great doctor in Boynton Beach, see Dr Veronica Motiram. See the reviews below highlighting her services.

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What A Woman Goes Through When Buying A Dress For A Party

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I have to laugh. Although to a woman it is not that funny.  Buying a dress for that holiday party can go good or bad for a woman. But if it goes bad for a woman, you can certainly guarantee it will go bad for your spouse or boyfriend.

Here are the stages a woman goes through when an outfit or dress is needed for an upcoming party.

Two Weeks before Party:  I need to buy a dress.

One week before the party:  I’m looking online for a dress for this party.

5 Days before Party:  I’m going to look at several stores for a dress for this party.

  OMG – These dresses suck! I can’t find anything

   OMG – I can’t find anything that fits right or looks good on me.

Day before the party: I have walked all over the mall, went to 10 stores and I can’t find anything.  I’m not going to the party.

Hours Before the Party:  Ok, I bought 10 pairs of shoes, and found a dress that I can wear, but I don’t like it.

At the party:  OMG, I love this dress, but my feet hurt and can’t wait to walk around with no shoes at the party.

After the party:  I can’t wait to take of this dress.




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Jon Stewart Ditches Comedy to Talk About Charleston Shootings


Jon Stewart pauses the script to talk about the horrific Shootings in Charleston.


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26 Reasons Kids Are Pretty Much Just Tiny Drunk Adults

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Pull yourselves together, babies…

This is one of our favorites from buzzfeed.

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Sick Moves: 22-year-old Russian Hockey Player’s GOAL!


During a shootout competition for the Kontinental Hockey League, 22-year-old Nikita Gusev scored a goal using a very cool move.


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Curated from Sick Moves: 22-year-old Russian Hockey Player


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5 Ways Not to Talk to Your Partner

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I’m not perfect and I have made some mistakes communicating to friends, family and lovers in the past. Especially with texting. Sometimes we keep stating our case repeatedly thinking we are doing the right thing.  But are we?

So with my lessons being learned, I hope to share these with you so you don’t make the same mistakes I have.

Want to have your partner really hear you? Do you simply need to be heard? Is what you have to say so important that attention must be paid? If so, here are five approaches that simply won’t work:

Want to have your partner really hear you? Do you simply need to be heard? Is what you have to say so important that attention must be paid? If so, here are five approaches that simply won’t work:

  1. Making too long a case.

    Since what you have to say is really important, you may be tempted to state your position in great detail. Don’t! It’s easier to indexunderstand a concise statement of a problem (at least at first) than a long-winded position.
  2. Keeping it up when your partner doesn’t respond.You’ve stated your case and your partner has politely listened. You finish up and you get…no real response. You hoped for engagement, but what’s going on in your partner’s head instead is unclear—or worse, you fear it’s negative. Resist the temptation to repeat your case: If you want engagement, instead ask follow-up questions like, “Do you agree?” or “What do you think about that?”
  3. Talking about private issues in front of others.You may feel overwhelmed with emotion, frustration, even anger. You may feel that you must communicate your idea or need—but if you air your private concerns in front of others, your partner is much more likely to shut down, become resentful, or be mortified rather than listen.
  4. Ignoring a plea to talk later.You’ve stated your case (perhaps more than once) and your partner has tried to listen…but it’s the end of a long day, or for whatever reason, it simply isn’t a good time. He (or she) says, “Let’s talk about this on the weekend when we have more time.” But you are so convinced that you must get your point across now that you put your “needs” above your partner’s and keep going. So now, instead of needing to talk about one problem, you need to address two: The original problem, and the additional issue you’ve created by ignoring your partner’s request. Even as you continue talking, your partner is feeling more and more negative about the treatment you’re giving them. The more negative he or she is, the less likely he or she is to focus on—and respond to—your original problem.
  5. Waking up later and starting again.You’re so upset about the issue you face that you can’t sleep well. Your partner is having the same problem. Rather than let it go so you can wrap your arms around each other and both approach the question refreshed tomorrow, you bring the problem topic up again…sometime around 2am—and you can imagine how well that will go.