Alternative to Purell Hand Sanitizer

I’m a Cleveland guy, born and raised with Purell in my blood.  I have used Purell for years. But finally my last winter in Cleveland did me in. My hands were cracked, dry and chapped and I put some of this hand sanitizer on my hands and almost went thru the roof.  It was the most painful experience I have had since I broke my leg.

I looked for an alternative to Purell online and found a product called Safe Hands.  Safe Hands is alcohol free hand sanitizer that is made out of  approved  benzalkonium chloride.   I bought a couple of bottles online and tried it out. I was happy that this hand sanitizer did not burn my hands like alcohol.  It actually felt good, soothed my skin and didn’t dry out my hands.

Want to find out what SafeHands is all about? Click Here.

If you have ever used alcohol hand sanitizers you know that they also have a very strong odor. They make  your hands feel really cool or burn for a minute and then wear off.  With the alternative I used, Safe Hands, it did not smell at all. Now I know they have different scents online but the one that I bought online was fragrance free.

I’m happy to say that they can be found in Walgreens across the country… that is almost 6000 locations in the US where we can now purchase SafeHands hand sanitizer.

Because it is non-toxic and non-flammable, I give it to my son to take to school when his teacher asks for sanitizer on the back-to-school list.   With all the news about fires, poisonings and pranks with alcohol based hand sanitizer, I’m surprised more schools and teachers don’t ask for it on their supply lists.


Next Big Thing In Hand Sanitizer – Alcohol Free – Non-Flammable

So I went alcohol free! Well, not really. I do enjoy a beer every now and then. I’m talking hand sanitizer.

I used to keep a store brand of hand sanitizer in my car. I have a habit of sanitizing my hands after I get out of the car. (Don’t ask’s a habit.)

That was until I accidentally squirted some of this alcohol based hand sanitizer on my leather seats. This bottle of chemicals put a stain on my seats. I was pissed. Furious!!! I only had the car for a few weeks and messed up the passenger seat.

I was looking for a hand sanitizer that had no alcohol or other volatile chemicals in it. I came across a brand called SafeHands at my local Walgreens store down here in Florida.

Here’s my quick review of SafeHands Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer

First of all, this stuff won’t mess up my leather seats.

I pumped this stuff on my hands and the smell was not overpowering. It was pleasant. It wasn’t girly smelling either.

It left my manly hands smooth and soft. All the ladies will appreciate that. LOL

Was I pleased with this alcohol free product. YES!!

Would I recommend it!! YES

I have a 11 year old and a 3 year old. I would not use flammable brands of sanitizer on their hands. But I do like SafeHands.

SafeHands hand sanitizer at Walgreens

SafeHands hand sanitizer at Walgreens

What A Woman Goes Through When Buying A Dress For A Party

I have to laugh. Although to a woman it is not that funny.  Buying a dress for that holiday party can go good or bad for a woman. But if it goes bad for a woman, you can certainly guarantee it will go bad for your spouse or boyfriend.

Here are the stages a woman goes through when an outfit or dress is needed for an upcoming party.

Two Weeks before Party:  I need to buy a dress.

One week before the party:  I’m looking online for a dress for this party.

5 Days before Party:  I’m going to look at several stores for a dress for this party.

  OMG – These dresses suck! I can’t find anything

   OMG – I can’t find anything that fits right or looks good on me.

Day before the party: I have walked all over the mall, went to 10 stores and I can’t find anything.  I’m not going to the party.

Hours Before the Party:  Ok, I bought 10 pairs of shoes, and found a dress that I can wear, but I don’t like it.

At the party:  OMG, I love this dress, but my feet hurt and can’t wait to walk around with no shoes at the party.

After the party:  I can’t wait to take of this dress.




Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer in Cleveland Area Target Stores

Cleveland area Target stores got a new product this week.  It’s an alcohol free hand sanitizer called SafeHands!

I have tried samples of SafeHands and I do like it.  It doesn’t come out like a smelly gel like most hand sanitizers, it’s smooth. As you rub it into your hands, it evaporates and leaves your hands feeling nice not feeling dry or smelly. 

I really like this product because of all the bad things you hear about alcohol-based hand sanitizers.  I have read and seen stories on the news from poisonings to fires started with hand sanitizer at my alma matter Kent State University.

If you live in the Cleveland, Akron, Canton area.. You can find SafeHands at Target Stores.

SafeHands at Target stores in Ohio





Cleveland – Elryia Mentor 35830 Detroit Rd Avon OH-44011
240 Market Dr Elyria OH-44035
14070 Cedar Rd University Heights OH-44118
1285 Som Center Rd Mayfield Heights OH-44124
6850 Ridge Rd Parma OH-44129
18200 Royalton Rd Strongsville OH-44136
1015 N Court St Medina OH-44256
Canton – Massilon 5584 Dressler Rd NW North Canton OH-44720
Akron 8282 Golden Link Blvd Northfield OH-44067
449 Howe Ave Cuyahoga Falls OH-44221
4200 Kent Rd Stow OH-44224
2801 W Market St Fairlawn OH-44333



Twitter Contests

Twitter contest are fun and easy. I know this because I have won several great prizes using Twitter. In the past I have won.

  • Festival tickets
  • Cash
  • Tickets to expensive seminars
  • Gift cards
  • Books
  • Free lessons

I noticed that some of these contests were spur of the moment and the business holding the contest would tweet “Next 5 people to respond win.”

I thought this was kind of unfair and also not very useful marketing on behalf of the company having the contest.

What do I think is the fairest way to have a contest on Twitter?

What if you could give each person who entered your contest a virtual “ticket” each time they entered your contest? What if you could choose a winner by randomly selecting a contestant based on the number of entries they had? Kind of like a raffle where the odds of winning increase with the more tickets you have.

This sounded like a great idea on how to run a twitter contest.

This site has twitter contests based on that principal. It’s a nice site for contests and also business can buy space on the site to host their contests as well. That way they can run a free and clean Twitter contest with real-time results right on the page.

There is no better way to promote your product, service or website than to have a few viral Twitter contests


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Tips

One of the most anticipated games of 2011 is here. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is here and it it was released earlier in November.

The Call of Duty video game has come a long way since it began back in 2003. Call of Duty has gone from World War II to modern times, back to WWII, and even into Vietnam and the Cold War. The only constant is the insane amount of copies each installment sells. With Modern Warfare 3, we’re back into Infinity Ward’s vision of the series, and it picks up the story right where Modern Warfare 2 left off.


Modern Warfare 3′s campaign does little to reinvent the wheel which propels the series’ single-player fiction. Regulars Soap and Price return to play their usual gruff parts, and the storyline directly follows and connects the events of the last two Modern Warfare games. Unfortunately, Modern Warfare 3‘s story still doesn’t hold much water — even from a Tom Clancy perspective, these characters are hardly well-drawn, and the intricacies of global politics just boil down to whether the US is at war with Russia or not.

Where the campaign does succeed is in its setpieces. Modern Warfare 2 placed its firefights in the midst of familiar but faceless spaces like suburbs and airports, but Modern Warfare 3 brings the gunplay to six or seven world-famous locales. There is no level quite as shocking as “No Russian” (though, is that really a bad thing?), but there are some excellent sequences that stand out, including a showdown in Paris that ends with one of the biggest bangs of the series. For all of its bluster, however, the campaign never reaches the heights it’s clambering for. It’s exciting, but not any more so than the rest of the series.

The ending is surprisingly moving — it closes the curtains on (what turned out to be) a trilogy with a quiet moment of confident peace. When you look back at the highlights of Modern Warfare, maybe the series could have used a little more of that, if only to break up all of the combustion. The fighting is fun, but moments like these serve as perfect reminders for what said fighting is for.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Strategy

Start With The Basics…

Mastering The Basics:

Starting with the basics let us show you how to make yourself competitive in the game fast…

Master ALL The Classes…

Sick of trying to work out how to be ‘leet with the new classes and Strike packages? We show you how to master all of them…

It’s Not About The Weapons But How You Use Them…

Let us show you how to customize your weapons to make you unstoppable…

COD MW3 has changed the way the game used to play!

Let us show you how to make sure you pick the best weapons and know the BEST proficiencies to master…

Learn more about Call of Duty MW3 Strategy at:

An App To Spy On Someone’s Smartphone

If your child or spouse has a cell phone you can easily track them, see who called them, read their text message all from a computer or cell phone app.

As long as you own the phone it is legal to spy on someone’s cell phone or track a person using their cell phone.

Mobile phone technology has improved making the technology easy to use to spy on a cell phone. This is great especially if you have children and you want to track them without spending hundreds of dollars on products at electronic stores.

If you love someone you want to know where they are at if they haven’t called. If you have a child or spouse that is not too trustworty, you can eaisly intercept their text messages. A lot of kids today are sending each other nasty text message and you may want to use some mobile phone spying software to make sure they are not doing anything you would not approve of.

If you are in need of such software there is some on the market right now that is great for not only listening to calls but you can actually track a person using the GPS on their cell phone. Some of this software will even let you listed to the calls.

Is it legal? Yes, as long as you own the cell phone you provide to your spouse or child, you can track them with their cell phone.

How hard is cell phone spying software to use?

Using cell phone spy software is as easy as opening the battery cover and getting a few numbers from the phone.

This software is pretty cheap now but as more people catch on to this product the price will probably go up.

Check it out now.

There are also a few websites about cell phone spying as well.

Tapping A Cell Phone

Caller ID Spoofing.

Buy A Web Address for Under $5.

Got $5??  You can buy a domain name or web address for under $5.  So if you have ever wanted to start up your blog about losing weight, showcasing your talents, or showing off your collection, or making a site for your little league’s easier than ever.  GET STARTED HERE!!

GoDaddy has a sale on domains.  If you have $4.29 and few extra pennies for tax, you can get started right away.

Even if you have a great idea and want to at least buy the web address for your idea..go there now and see if your domain is taken. They have a search tool to find out if your name is available.



First Step Building A Website

Before I begin building a website I start with trying to find the right domain name  (also called URL, Web address.)  For my domains I use GoDaddy because I like how easy it is to purchase domains. I even purchase domains with my GoDaddy app on my phone.

So if I’m sitting at a restaurant and I overhear people talking about a product, I go out and buy a domain name around the product or service that I may offer on my website.

I also like GoDaddy’s customer service as well. They are very helpful if you have an issue with your web hosting or domain.

So my first step in building a great website is to pick a domain name.  Here are some tips I use when picking domain names.

Because of Google updates like Penguin, Panda and Exact Match Domain update. I try to brand my domain names.  2 years ago you could purchase a domain name like and rank highly for it.  Those days are gone..except you will rank high in Bing for a domain like that.

Keep the name simple

Get Creative.

Use .com or .net  Don’t use .info, .co.

If you want to find out if a domain is taken or available, use the search function HERE.


Forcible Entry Devices

Police and Firefighters know that every second counts when it comes to saving lives. When fire, police or other emergency personnel get to a door during an emergency they will try to open the door using the handle. If the door is locked, they will use tools that will ensure them a speedy entry.

These are the most common door breaching devices for emergency personnel.

Here are some of the tools that are used by police and fire rescue.

Old School Entry Tools for Police and Fire.

The Halligan Bar.

The Halligan bar which is also refereed to as a Halligan tool or Hallagan, is a special forcible entry tool commonly used fire departments. The Halligan pry bar usually takes two people to open a door. One will place it in the door crease or at the hinges and the other will strike the bar with the hammer.

According to Wikipedia:

It was designed by and named after Hugh Halligan, a First Deputy Fire Chief in the New York City Fire Department, in 1948. While the tool was developed by a Deputy Chief of the New York City Fire Department, the department did not initially purchase it because of a perceived conflict of interest in buying from a member of the department.

The halligan bar is an old standard but it’s archaic and takes two people to get a door to open.

The Hydra-Ram

The Hydra-Ram was a one of a kind tool. It only took one person to operate. One would only have to stick it in the door and pump then the door would be open. Fire departments from all over hailed the hydra ram. The hydra ram is also known as the “Bunny Tool” or “Rabbit Tool.”

The Hydra-Ram worked by pumping a small amount of soluble oil mixed with antifreeze to give it good pumping power. However we all know that hydraulic tools are subject to a lot of wear. Even the seals blow on the Hydra Ram. Check this article out by Fire Fighters IAFF Local 36.

The DoorStorm

The DoorStorm door breaching device is like the Hydra Ram (aka bunny and rabbit tool) except that there is no hydraulics involved. That means no priming the pump, replacing seals, blown valves ect.

The DoorStorm uses a ratcheting device and even has a power unit. No worries about blowing out a hydraulic seal. It boasts more torque and spreading power than then the hydra ram. (Source –

So there you have it. 3 generations of foreceable entry tools for police and fire. These common door breaching devices represent generations of fire and police tool technology. As better technology becomes available, the power and weight of these tools will certainly improve.