IT Advisors West Palm Beach

Shout out to the IT Advisors in West Palm Beach. I applied for the position as an SEO specialist but got an really cool email that said I didn't have the exact skills they were looking for. Not many companies follow up but the IT Advisors didn't leave me hanging. They are truly professional and I hope they reconsider my application especially from a guy wearing an Elmo t-shirt.
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Sick Moves: 22-year-old Russian Hockey Player’s GOAL!

During a shootout competition for the Kontinental Hockey League, 22-year-old Nikita Gusev scored a goal using a very cool move.   viral-videos, hockey, uncategorized, watercooler, videos, sports   Mashable #22-year-old shows up hockey shootout competition with sick move What’s Hot What’s New What’s Rising What’s...
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5 Ways Not to Talk to Your Partner

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I’m not perfect and I have made some mistakes communicating to friends, family and lovers in the past. Especially with texting. Sometimes we keep stating our case repeatedly thinking we are doing the right thing.  But are we? So with my lessons being learned, I...
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Let The Exodus Begin

Reports of car haulers filled with cars from Massachusetts, Canada and New York have been spotted making their way back north. The time has come once again in South Florida where we can enjoy a restaurant in peace. We can drive without getting cut off...
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